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Event Review - Drown with the Sickness (July 2019 Weekend)
And to those thinking I'm complaining I'm not.
There was much loot to be had. Much. I saw some younger adventures walk away with new swords and a pocket full of gems. And good on them they earned it.
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Other people have touched on comments I wish to make. I think my main comment is that I found it really hard to find things to do. Maybe bad luck? As always, I really enjoyed all of Jenn's mods and the fae games! Somebody stole a dagger of mine via taking the tag off of it without taking it to NPC camp, but whatever.

Oh, also, had a great NPC shift. I felt like I was always doing something, which was great.
Game was pretty hit and miss for me this time around. However, most of my issue stem from an oog situation and so I'll instead speak about the highlights from game since everything else was phenomenal in my honest opinion.


-Playing both the centipede queen alongside James and Redcap have been two of my favorite roles hands down. It was a blast being let off the leash and getting to go all out and take as many limbs with me as I could and instill the fear of god in a few players rather than just wipe people out.

-The Sybil game Colton and I set up was a huge success as far as I'm concerned, and I'm already craving another round in the future at some point. Having Kraye throw a vital blow at me and get me in the dick was hilarious as I had to take a second and remember how the skill worked.

-MORE SYBIL STUFF!!! I'm so glad I followed Sureeta's wildelf into battle cause I never would have forgiven myself once I found out who she was. I wasn't sure how to react and I never fully realized what was happened at the time and its gravity, but I'm so pumped to continue my path to favored and am looking forward more than ever now!


-Fae game with Rob was fantastic, we need more obstacle courses in this game!

-Einhish events were a blast, while Sybil definitely held a command over the day the rest of the games and gatherings were excellent, particularity the Magnora game (cause ice cream) and the RP from the Valdr gathering.

-The rescue mission from the spider cave. Me and a few other players got to go hero moment real hard and save almost everyone trapped by the eight legged freaks.

The Neutral

-The moot: Obviously the delays for the Einher moot were unavoidable, and whether it was these delays or my oog thoughts, I had completely lost steam by the time we started.

Overall, the game itself was fantastic, only marred by factors outside of the shaper's control. Everyone did a really great job this event and while I might be taking a small break I can't wait to come back! 7/10, would take a vital blow to the dick again!
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well, that was great, seems the format is good and bad.


Loot people I played with did up of 20 gold amongst them. And when we did the fair split-ups, they all seemed to be happy with the amount they did over the weekend.

Most of the players I played with had a ball. Time was used wisely there will be low points, but that's for the players to fill in with rp. Maybe through a rough schedule, really rough?

When oog stuff happened, I did not feel like my issues were postponed, I did feel supported, which was great.

The fact the shapers were willing to let us go cut down a tree. And make a raft.

loved the fact you guys included fancy pants as an item on the final mod.

Bellow are the bad, but I can't stress enough how awesome the weekend was. Out of a hundred percent, 80 percent was in my good 15 in the MHA, and only five in the bad so these are not harsh words bellow just observations and feelings. Too often we get hung up on the bad. It's hard to list all the great because that was most of my weekend. The few times, there was bad, sticks in my mind because they were precise moments.


A quick response player problems group that actively handles players problems and deals with them promptly. For one, my situation over the weekend could have been avoided. And the players who had the issue could have had there issue resolved before hurt feelings. It would have saved players weekends. It's tough for me to keep a note on everyone around me. I am doing the best I can. And I do not judge other people for having a hard time reaching out to me to discuss their feelings. It became evident to me after the game though that several in authority knew about the problem and sat on it. I'll be honest. I can't help but feel there will be some oog ramifications for me. Even though I know, that is not cool. It will be subtle enough not to violate rules. And two the new player's cabin that was raided by the redcap although could not have been averted could have been dealt with by shapers instead of players handling helping those players out.

Although you have npls having them coming out touching base would be nice making sure new players have all that they need to get started. Like there one gold one silver. Something I have had to repeatedly ask and on many occasions telling them or hearing someone tell them how to claim it. This could be as easy as when rounding up np's having the shaper well doing the oog description of the mod and rules also asking if they all feel good do they have.

Maybe faster response times for emails? I know you're all busy but hard to make plans if emails are not being responded to. I, for one, have been trying to set up a meeting, for three months. There are three games left in the season. It would be one thing if the meeting were refused or rped staling tactics. I'm incredibly patient and have no issue waiting lol forever R'l comes first at all times. just an observation.

So mentioned the raft above the only issue I had from that is we took initiative went and got the shapers, cut down a tree's well being attacked. Then went to build it defending it from the redcap and quikling well we made it. Did all that and it was a two-person raft felt like a pat on the head. not saying it should have been a 20 person but it felt rather unrewarding. after all the intuitive a bunch of new players took. 

again I emphasize that these are 5 percent this game was awesome for me. so thank you for a great time.

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