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The Thing
The schedule for the Einish activities are as followed for Saturday the 27th. Those that support the Savage community and the Savage Gods are more then welcome to come and join us in this celebration! The Moot will be strictly Einher only. 

Sybil: Swarm Brondulf 11 am start time 12:15

Sverin: Astrid 12:30- 1:15

Eindridil: Shark/ Godwyn 1:20 - 2:10

Hour break

Magnora: Hendrick 3:00-4:00

Haldora: 4:00 - 5:00

Valdr: Fjord 5:00 - 6:15. Grievances will be held during this time.

Feast: 6:20 7:45 A Knife fighting tournament will be had during this, hosted by Brondulf. People are encouraged to bring something for everyone to enjoy at the feast! 

Dunarthos: Callum 8:30-9:30

Moot: 10:00

Looking forward to seeing you all! 

Pinned for: Jarl Oliver Freki of Ralinwood. Clan Wolfsgar
IG: Einher Male who carries a Great Sword. His clan colours are Red and Black. Known for the clan of Wolfsgar. 

OOG: Kyle Thornton.

Contact: Facebook.
This is detestable. I expected more from the Einher community in solving the towns current plight. Shame upon all who will participate in this celebration during Ralinwoods time of need. Especially when some of you need to prove your worth from last months blunders.


Penned for
When Miahla needed people to save the Two Feather, where was House of I?
When myself and the Crossroads were scouring the town for the canisters, where was House of I?
When the Grey Dragon's lackeys first started attacking us a few months ago, where were you?

Leon, I respect your mind and determination as we have fought shoulder to shoulder on occasion, but I do not appreciate what clouds your vision. For a man so determined to unite the town, you are very quick to divide us and throw us to the wolves.

These games are about bringing a community together and gaining strength. Strength we need to fight the Grey's forces. If you consider this shameful, you may need to rethink your ideals.

Penned for Huskarl Shark Kerussar
OOG Erik Koudys
Yes, lets bring up the past blunders of the town. The blunders of a few that held information like currency to themselves. Then acted by themselves. And when their groups failed, they call it a shared failure. No word came to our camp and yet we stood rallied in town center for an attack. Many more were left confused about the actions that needed to be taken. None step forward brave enough to face what shame their selfishness brought upon the town.

And it is a shared failure. I'm sure you feel your breath growing short as do I.

A call to town went out over a week ago. None have answered. No camp interested in putting fourth their idea's on how to save our town. Nothing without the exception of one missive dismissing blame and another for a day long celebration. If these past successes are something you feel prideful enough to celebrate. Then by all means, take your day. I'd like to say we could do this without you but we can't. As it was proven that you can't succeed without the rest of us.

Swallow your pride. Earn a celebration when the town isn't suffering to keep the skin on their bones. Only then will I see one worthy of the name Einher.

Penned for

I have no pride in what has happened. And I on more than one occassion pulled blame away from other groups to place on myself. However House of I was requested by Miahla to join her but they chose to stay in town, then when I called to those in town to find the plague canisters, House of I ignored the call. But instead, Crossroads was wrongly blamed for the failures of that night. I took that blame instead. I chose to keep crossroads. I lead the charge and still failed. I didn't have the foresight enough to know that the attack was all smoke to stretch our forces thin. You want someone to blame, blame me.

I gave all the information i had. I gave everything i had. Yet you sit idly in your camp and call others out like a spoiled noble child and only act when it's in your best interest.

As for the call, we Einher have nothing left to offer. This illness is beyond us as a community. And as far as the Squamata, Crossroads has a plan which i believe they will be enacting soon to strike at them.

We will be more than happy to stop our events when town wants our help, but we will not celebrating who we are, nor stop celebrating our Gods.

Penned for Huskarl Shark Kerussar
OOG Erik Koudys
Thank you Jarl, for keeping with tradition, and through all this, still organizing this day.

Keeping true to our traditions, honouring that which we love, and celebrating our lives are so important. We chose to live in a dangerous area where we will always be under threat. If we take away these moments, we may as well let the enemy win. Days like this, make it all worth it. Days like this, bring us together as a community. Let us not forget who we are, and why we are here.

Shark, I am going to sum it up to you being fairly new to town, and that you are unaware of everyone you are calling out from the House of I. Everyone one of your examples asking where we were, there were members there. Every example. If you are upset with Leon for his post, then take it up with Leon. If you feel that my 15 lives, and the amount of healing I provided the town with last month is not enough, then you come take that up with me. I would appreciate, that you stop being a part of the problem, as you pointed out, of misinformation.

Thank you,

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