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Using other shields with Magic Shield
During the duration of the Magic Shield spell, do I have to wield that shield, or could I keep it on my person (eg. strapped on my back) and use a different shield?
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*I'm not a rules marshal so I can't say for sure, but nothing in the spell description says you need to hold the shield for the whole duration and it says you get the proficiency to use shields while the spell is active so while I imagine the spirit of the rule is that it allows you to only use the magic shield, the wording itself implies you can use a tagged shield for that hour. Including the rule from the latest rulebook edition below for future discussion.*

Magic Shield
Incant: "I invoke Protection to grant Magic Shield."
Duration: 1 hour
Description: This spell calls into existence a Magical Shield, usable only by the caster. It also gives the caster the
Shield skill-proficiency for the duration of the spell. The size of the shield must be chosen upon casting and can
be no larger than a “Large Shield”. The shield is spirit linked to the caster and will remain with the caster until the
duration expires or the caster wills the spell to end.
This Magic Shield will have every benefit and detriment of a real shield, with the exception that it cannot be
shattered (destroyed), disarmed by any skill, and any Slay that strikes it will remain active. It can, however, be
Dispelled. If possible, the shield should have white tape visible on its surface to represent that it is Magical. The
shield must be larger than a buckler.
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Nothing stops you from doing that.
Thank you both!
IG: Breven Hill, Merchant and Protections Caster
OOG: Aaron Thawe, web developer.

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