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Event Review - Fangs of a Feather (June 2019 Weekend)
Good game everyone. Lots of things happened this weekend, which we hope you got to enjoy! Thank you our to NPC team for their tireless hard work.

And without further ado... Tell us your thoughts! What did you like, what needs improvements, what are your favourite memories? Let us know! If the feedback is positive enough, we'll see about running this kind of event again in the nearer future.

Any concerns or major complaints, please feel free to email to speak to the Owners (myself and Dan) directly.
Owner - Tavernkeep - Forums Admin - Cat Herder
I had great game. Thanks to everyone. The shapers and NPC.
Some best parts of this past event were role playing with characters, I in the past not done so.
Be named " The Bad Bandit"
The weekend brought some if the best new players.
Going on insta mod.
I really liked that it tied into the main plot line.
Not dying was also great.
Alright now for the not so great parts.
Communication was a problem this game.
Lots of players were confused about what were to do in some. What were attacking and why.
The Saturday night/two feathers mod. We toad that the weaker fighters and newer adventures should stay behind and protect town only to lead around and do basically nothing. Although it was great to be included in stuff we were doing to prepare. A big shout out to Kyle.
Jason Biloe ghost mod with two bickering einther brothers was great
The mushrooms with quickie was so funny. Having to hallucination was so much fun.

A largest roguish human dressed in all Studded Black leather
The player driven plot this game was astounding , special shout outs to forgemane for the fantastic meal.

The attacking plant concept was really cool, and all the different mechanics were really interesting!

The poisonous gas thing had so much potential as a mod, I loved that all of town got chased into the woods(I miss mods like that). I felt though,that there wasnt enough capitalizationon that. Like there should have been squamata raiding town or stuff picking adventurers out of our groups.

Another con I had, Matt and i were wandering around the woods in the dark shouting fart jokes at eachother,as we do. It made me realize that theres rarely anything hiding in the woods anymore. I remembered years ago, if we were in the woods there was always something lurking around. I understand it's tough to find someone dedicated enough to hide in the swarms of mosquitoes, but it's something I miss.Maybe I'll take the nightshift next timeWink
(06-24-2019, 11:33 AM)A goblin played by Matty Wrote: Another con I had, Matt and i were wandering around the woods in the dark shouting fart jokes at eachother,as we do. It made me realize that theres rarely anything hiding in the woods anymore. I remembered years ago, if we were in the woods there was always something lurking around. I understand it's tough to find someone dedicated enough to hide in the swarms of mosquitoes, but it's something I miss.Maybe I'll take the nightshift next timeWink

Owner - Tavernkeep - Forums Admin - Cat Herder
Thank you to the plot team and NPCs for all the work that went into event. It was a rough one for me but I still appreciate the time that you guys put in.

  • I really enjoyed spending beginning the game in the escape room mod. Kyle, Jen, and I didn't even realize that game hadn't started yet while in the cabin because we were roleplaying with each other while we waited for the rest of the PCs to arrive. I also enjoyed that mod in its entirety. The puzzles were straight forward enough that I always understood the point of them, but they still took some time and effort to complete (god bless Hannick and the others for handling the math, that would have dropped Ori). I'm happy that I was actually able to Cassandra a problem away, too! The catalyst rewards are a nice touch as they're not crazy valuable but because they're custom to the character it's a cute (and creepy) little keepsake.
  • I got to carry around Ori Jr. the very expressive duck for most of Saturday. This led to some truly fantastic RP as I tried to take care of the duck equivalent of that one home ec class where you pretend an egg is your baby and protect it.
  • SPIDER RIDER! Seeing Yoshi riding around on Campbell's shoulders made me do one hell of a double take and turned into my favourite part of that orc mod. Bonus that following them led to me noticing a very dead Godwyn in the bushes.
  • NPCs using the fact that there's a big global elf hunting monster to their advantage is actually really interesting to me. I'm glad they're not specifically going after elf PCs to try and pop the Mortigeist faster, as PCs have enough to worry about with Morty/the Shattered Elves themselves, but otherwise I thought it was a pretty cool idea.
  • "Hey, uh, Fear Sentinels have to be rooted to something." "I'M ROOTED TO THE BONE WOLF! Big Grin " "Oh my god, that's horrifying, carry on."
  • The scarecrow was fun to interact with, sorry I accidentally decapitated her on a roof. Sorry, creepy scarecrow.
  • My circle held up better this time. Still a bit of damage but not enough that it stopped working like last time. Please keep half an eye on where you're stepping when around the tree, the wires are staked down to make them less of a tripping hazard but apparently one end still got tugged.
  • I appreciate that the goblins who were cabin raiding were really inept, as everybody was pretty beat after that last mod. I'm trying not to take it too personally that the oddly specific item they were hunting for happened to be my very expensive shield.
  • As usual my biggest issue this event was miscommunications. I still don't know whether or not I have some horrible airborne Sneeple plague or if that was just the group that stayed in town. Also shapers using dead peasants to hook mods and then not warning the farms/docks shapers that they've done so is leaving the various PC groups invested in the wellbeing of the peasantry at a loss for what to do. It feels that no matter how we help, somebody decided to off Farmer Jim in an email and we don't find out until we're being told we suck by other PCs.
  • Alchemy is kind of complicated. If a shaper is not familiar with every alchemy that the NPCs are using on the mod, it might be good to bring a list of effects or at the very least trust the alchemist PCs when they try to explain how a particular thing works.
  • I get that UW is dark and gritty and everything but I've been talking to people both IG and OOG and there's an underlying feeling that we are accomplishing absolutely nothing this season. Every time the Dragon Knight shows up he flies home. Every time we fix/help the farms they immediately fall apart again. We arrest and bring in a bunch of the orcs and goblins and Grey followers and have next to nothing to show for it. We never get a reprieve from the particular enemies after we "solve" a problem so it just feels like nothing we do matters and we just have to wait for the Appointed Time when we can finish the plot and move on.
  • Packet attacks are casters call. NPCs need to stop arguing that they didn't get hit when it's dark and they're not paying attention.
  • Shapers and NPCs need to be careful that they don't look like their other NPCs. For example, having somebody come out in a similar costume to an NPC people have met before but not being said NPC really throws PCs in a loop. This is especially the case for shapers, recurring NPCs should really have enough of an outfit that PCs can know who they are. It doesn't need to be complicated, just don't use the same distinctive jacket for two different NPCs or something like that.
  • We had no idea what the situation was for the Two Feather/Town mod. We were told to split the town. We split the town. Then one group got their asses handed to them and the other one apparently didn't have much happen, then we got bitched at by NPCs for not being able to save people while we were slogging through alchemists and assassins in the woods. Just left a bad taste in my mouth.
  • Other specific issues were emailed in.
Ori Moran: A purple feathered Avian with a red hat who carries a black and white shield. She has three Shadow Marks over one eye and a scar through the other.

Nelinha: Some asshole Ice Elf. Has a bright red hooded scarf and a black winged brooch.

OOG: Alex Heintz - NPL - Official Ralinmeme Maker
Hey soo new here. so may just not be seeing the full picture. so take things worth a grain of salt. I don't see any real problems a larp this size should not have. also, you will notice if I have an issue I will always offer a solution lol does not mean im like oh mine is the best I just hate only throwing out problems. 

major mods are a waste for new players. hit something five times and then it gets swarmed and looted by those people. you have yellow armbands and such that sorta helps when they're visible. also heard you were using yellow lights at night. but none of the new players I talked to new about that to the point that the NPCs just took them off cause we were not attacking. the last mod I was with five players and we barely got hit. killed nothing worst thing that happened. was my char was turned into a frog but we were on a flank right up there.

a solution. start getting new players as NPCs. send them out to the farms for some silver they get loot. a story. and on the oog they get to learn how to really get into combat without losing their char. bonus shapers don't have to write to thread lines for power levels splitting their great idea into two good ones. that last mod would have rocked with more npcs for the majority of players to fight against.

side note loves the low powered plots but literally one came along well a bunch were ordering food in the morning maybe letting people know timeframes? also when ordering food geting attacked. the little area around the food should be a no go. during food time. so people can eat. tbh if the low lev mod had come before I ordered I would have gone instead of eating. instead, it could not wait and left with only a few players who were not.

a Solution. maybe set out a timeframe for low-level mods. so new players have something to wander too instead of not knowing what's going on they will sort of know when to be around if they chose. at ten fri low lev mod sat 3 low lev and sun 7 am low lev. sort of thing. as well during food have the mods not go near town center if people are eating. that way anyone mingling can go get into it.

Information chain. its um well not great this was my second game but its also the second game where I was told after the fact that something did not work and I should have known from the description. when we go into the woods. the lines are long unless we all are at the front we can't hear at the back.

a solution just of the basics I know, call a hold when you are going to do the description have a few shapers at different spots read out the descriptions. and then let's say the front people are done they can say they're ready to drop the hold but maybe the back has a question when both areas are clear then call off the hold.

I agree seems like we're not getting anywhere lol saying that I know that is sort of the point. 

a solution maybe have some sort of NPC seer come in and explain what has failed so far they have seen multiple paths and had we done this way we would have succeeded. no shaper or st ever wants to outsmart completely the players. this will allow the players to learn and grow. and learn what the shapers and st team expects from the players. also set off the bat realistic timelines. if you need a group of players to go somewhere give a number and a time frame oog that it can handle so the players can do there best get what they can find. 

depth. there is not a ton. what's happening here and now is what's going on I agree with the helping people out the peasantry thing. there does not seem to be a full world no bandits in the woods to hunt unless we ask. the locals seem to be a second thought. seems a lot of reactive plotting except for the proactive main storyline.

a solution. tbh honest it's not my place to say. this is where I have no context and may be way wrong. without context hard to even start to offer solutions.

in the end, it was fine I come out to hit people and camp just so happens I'm making friends and doing rp. if these are the worst things I encounter ill be sticking around for quite a while.

something I also suggest is that any player asks a shaper of a given area what can you do to help? do they need a list of names for there npcs so they don't have to take that time? maybe a map? basically anything and everything we can do to offload some of the fiddly time-consuming bits that an st need to do so a. less stress of having to get it done and b. so they can focus on the actual story they need (lol may already be a thing lol I don't have that context)

okay well, that's it that's all I'm sure I'll think of different things. tanks. if I am missing something feel free to pm me, anyone let me know I'm off base if I'm wrong about something the best thing that can happen is I'm corrected so I can become a more informed player so i can have more context to help offer solutions.
Lots of up's, lots of downs but here's my list of things that went amazingly

Personal plot for Java - 11/10, Loved 'spear fishing' with a magnet and string to get cut outs of fish with large paperclips on them <3 Even though I sold the fish to others I kept the Bass rep <3 Fighting the Spectral Killer Whale was a blast, thank you Jeff Barth for a great time <3 Then when the little baby came out the whole group was like "NOPE! Got to save the Mama!" without a seconds hesitation.

Brunhilde's Story monsters, the Gaselli - 11/10. Loved how you let the others know of what happened over Discord and putting in the time and dedication to solving the story was 110% worth it <3 It felt unimaginably good to see everyone standing around going 'How the fuck do we deal with this?' and Java give people some time because I didn't want to rob the chance of someone else solving the riddle. After a while I completed the story and godz it felt good <3

Chino Mama Croco - 11/10. Even if the gator was there for less then five minutes, made all the difference in the world to me <3

While outside of what you did Jen, shout out to Edward Kimmerer

Haunt - 11/10. Loved how the spirit came forth and spoke to me a bit before taking root in the Haunt Doll. Was amazing to speak to another backstory NPC I had crafted <3 Love the RP effects and everything went flawlessly <3 Moments like that are what I love having the Mystic skills for <3

The Intoxicant Ghost - 11/10. Was just amazing good hearted fun talking with a Rum Runner Captain and helping everyone get drunk off his 'Gift' of touching people and getting drunk. Felt amazing as a Shaman to let my Braids speak with this ghost and let them take over <3

Mage Tower Mod by Rob Dibart - 9/10. Only flaw was the string showing where the lava was, but other then that, loved it <3 Javagator was a right crispy croco after all that fighting <3 Was happy to get a little gold and let the others get better rewards and material. Java is a high level character and a lot of newer people were there. Plus those Drakes were tough XD Happy to help fight like mad and let others share in the riches.

Probably will update when everything sets in but thanks again to all those who looked after me and helped make this an enjoyable time <3 Great game, cant wait for the next <3
a 6' tall Orc, lots of bones around his person. wears patchwork leather robe with studded leather armor. Speaks in a Bahamian/Jamaican accent much like a Kraja. 

oog - Shane Miller
email -
I really enjoyed the mods I went on (Jenn's mod that shall not be named, Edward's buried treasure mod), but I found there was very little to do. Quite a few mods were 'X people only', without anything else going on at the same time to do. I stayed up late hoping to see... anything, and then I went to bed. Perhaps it was bad luck? I am also not a fan of the attitude in NPC camp of "make the PCs feel like they fucked up". Regardless of whether that is or is not accurate, that sort of thing happening constantly just creates an unpleasant atmosphere. PCs aren't there to serve NPCs all the time or be told they suck if they don't.

Oh, and I really loved getting to go to the dinner at that friendly camp near the treeline (no idea what it's called). Thanks for letting me crash the party! Also really enjoyed the antics of Adonis and Kai. Actually, really liked all the PCs I interacted with. Thanks, y'all.
+ Game started out good with elementals/fae everywhere. A good way to gather us all together
+ Good haunt RP, glad to have been part (doll is super creepy)
+ Campmates were great and made the game for me
+ Instamods, instamods, instamods in great abundance
+ Costuming for enemies was on point. Nice variety of masks
+ Shift felt busy in NPC camp. Stuff continuously going out
+ I’m glad to see failure happen and maintained. Yes communication is key and there are consequences to repeating information incompletely. THIS IS A PRO!!!
+ Despite the heat and bugs, didn’t hear of anyone not taking care of themselves, good job you responsible adults!

- We stay around camp to break up the mob that becomes town center and camp far enough away to not really hear anything that doesn’t happen in the field. I feel that would be a great opportunity for any shaper to take advantage of a small group of players. Here’s the list of visitors: 3 direwolves, weird/funny duck, 1 deer, 1 fox, 1 material tradesman, 1 scroll tradesman, 3 bandits, recovery mod, 2 spiders running away from camp, 3 morning wolves, 1 battlemage trainer. For the rest, we had to hunt instamods. I don’t think we’ve ever been ignored so much that I could list off ever visitor.
- When did the monster hunt become a mob of players and rewards given out instantly and not based on the manner of success?
- Camp counselors not respecting the sites rental time, then having the super motivational circle beside our camp. Then walking through site collecting items to continue their camp warm up. This hasn’t happened before, so I'm assuming it was a site time miscommunication. Still, really broke my immersion nearing the end of game.

Side note: Please NPC, We do our shift as a camp and you can too!
I loved interacting with everyone and working together on the mage's tower mod. I admit something more solid than the string would've been appreciated, like some bright rope or something. The idea of the paired magic items is very cool, though I would've felt really bad walking away from it with both of them had it occurred that I grabbed them both first.

Saturday night was strange, maybe my group just didn't choose to do the right thing, but we ended up doing nothing, then waiting around hoping for action and heading to bed bored.
IG: Breven Hill, Merchant and Protections Caster
OOG: Aaron Thawe, web developer.

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