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- There has been unusually cold weather to the north west of ralinwood. 

-ice elementals have been spotted more frequently 

-a few winter fae have been rumored to be seen 

-A raven with blue-tipped feathers has been seen flying over Ralinwood.

-Two Pavillion cells containing convicted people were mysteriously found empty, though the doors remained locked.

-Various plants have been recently dug up from sites in the forest

-A young kobold has been named captain of the wardens.

-Travellers report a funny smell coming from a cart inbound to town.

-A large group of fauns has been seen dancing in the forest

-A farmer reports he saw a ladybug turn into a dragonfly on his tomato plants

-Occasional Orc pairings have been seen trekking through the outskirts of Town with guards towards the mountains, they approach no closer..

-Word is that deliveries to a few locations around Town haven't turned up for far too long...

-Groups of organized bandits have been ambushing unsuspecting travelers

-A goblin was caught by pavillion guards attempting to poison food supplies

-A blue draconian has been spotted cautiously wandering the outskirts of town

- The farms have reportedly less Squamata and sabotage activity. It seems that without the Gremmel to build their dams, the Shak’tar and Boggrel have lessened their efforts.

- Gremmel have been seen occasionally near Ralinwood. They seem friendly, if a little subdued and unsettled.

- The nights are filled with distant howls.
Shapper, fae master, Photoninja, Pandora, makeup and costume vet.
-Winter court keeps pushing around town but do not seem to be as distructive as before
- The Blood Red Rose barracks has been repurposed as a triage for any seeking refuge. Orphans, farmer’s children, the wounded, and any who are incapable of defending themselves find a safe haven with the Blood Red Rose.
-There has been a slight increase in Blood Red Rose knights and members of the Sword.
- Meadowgrove, the Wainwright goat farm, and Zaid Acreages have all been under repair after a final explosive attack from the Squamata last month. The wreckage has been cleared, and patrols around the farms have increased drastically.

-Signs of Bloodbringer members travelling through has come to a near stop in the past few weeks.
-Navy activity in the area seems to be on a much higher alert than before, trepidation is at an all time high.
-Fisherman and local dock folk appear to be banding together time and time again the past two weeks somewhere at the Docks.

-A rabbit with deer horns has been sighted running through the woods

-A boggrel in a black hood has been seen skulking on a distant beach, swimming away when confronted.

-A very pale shark has been seen swimming through the northern shallows

-The daughter of a merchant has gone missing. She was last seen walking into the forest with her father, who was then found murdered in a glen five kilometers in the other direction.

-The Meating Place, Have Anvil Will Smith, Parchments and Pathfinding, Sootbelly's stand, The Lukewarm Bakery and Four Sister's Tannery have temporarily closed their doors due to the ongoing illness.

-A floating metal cup has been knocking on people's doors at night all on its own.

-Fang an archer from the two feather tribe was among those killed during the shak'tar attack. He hasn't been seen since the attack and is presumed to number among those that suffered final death.

-sightings of an elderly deranged citizen in bed sheets spreading rumors and causing a commotion
Shapper, fae master, Photoninja, Pandora, makeup and costume vet.

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