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About Brunhilde [9:45PM June 11, 2019]
To the people of Ralinwood.

Brunhilde the old Einish Story teller from what I have heard has been jailed and confirmed to be a wytch.
Her demon contract letting her stories come to life, as many know. 

With the idea she was behind bars, this problem would end.


Upon taking a trip to her home, the house itself creaked, moved and moaned and her voice echo'd from the very walls.
Her power of the Stories coming to life still is at large.

Do not approach her house unless many are extremely equipped to deal with the demonic or things of that nature.

Hopefully the Wardens will read this and take things into their capable hands.

This has been another bit of help from your local Shaman and acting Chief of the Brewlords.

Java Aquari.
a 6' tall Orc, lots of bones around his person. wears patchwork leather robe with studded leather armor. Speaks in a Bahamian/Jamaican accent much like a Kraja. 

oog - Shane Miller
email -
Thank you for reporting a crime on a public information board BEFORE speaking with the Wardens about an ONGOING investigation.
A report would be great since you have Warden in your camp.

And have a wonderful day.
Good, Bad  either way im the guy with the Gasglobe. .

Wildelf (Baby) male, seen dressed in leathers and Green and black attire. Im fancier than you.
House of I



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