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A Letter From The Inspector
Lady Aminata and citizens of Ralinwood;

 My findings of your town continue to disappoint me. After conducting a survey at the request of the Zaid farms, I conclude that with your current resources and failure to take reactive over preventative measures to protect yourselves, mass famine will likely affect your people in the coming months. As I stated during my address, increases of taxes to import food will temporarily offset the losses however even with the plough you wish to construct, your town is on unstable ground. Your farms are quickly losing viable land, rations are almost non-existent and your ability to regain what was lost is mediocre at best. Please see to it that this is handled before my return.

-Regional Inspector Blair Montague of Avanelle Duvain
Perhaps our resources would be available if we stopped wasting them on petty errands for the spoiled children we call nobles here. Stop charging the citizenry for the failures at the top.
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The Plough was successfully created, saw that with my own eyes. Are there more actions we can take instead of raising taxes to an unsustainable level?

~ Sigurd Vask
Matthew Weaver
An Einish Male of Clan Bothnia. 
How is this a failure of the local populace and not a failure of the Duvanian state to adequately aid its towns in times of need? Does this town have no coffers?
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