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Where Good Duvainians Live

To the people of Ralinwood;

As my congregation are set to move on with our present purpose, I wish to extend our thanks for your hospitality over our short stay with you. There are few places of late which we have enjoyed fond company and friendship with both old and new faces and the interlude was both well received and needed. 

On the topic of reception, I have heard the reports of both my Knight and Warden that the fervorous zealots of the Citadel made yet another unprovoked attack upon your town in an attempt to burn you all alive inside your own walls. Only the most prideful, sanctimonious and violent fanatics within the Church of Light make their ranks, hiding behind weak piety while they persecute all manners of innocence to ensure their swords remain wet and their torches remain aflame. They are blind hatred led by arrogant men and women from the seat of a Church which rules over a government in Tiefanue. They have no business in your lands and their ways do not represent you. Duvain's strength comes from its ability to stand against tyranny and oppression; To expect good and responsible government which represents the make up of it's people; to empower them, not conform them. To keep faith free of the state's prerogative, and the state earning the faith of it's people. For a time recently I found myself asking if Duvain has lost it's way; If external fear had eroded what she once stood for. I asked, "Where have all the good Duvainians gone?"


In the face of tyranny you opposed. In the face of oppression, you denied. In the face of persecution, you defended. In the face of flame you extinguished it, and with the edge of your blades and the sound of your voice you stood against those who would deny your very freedom to choose your way forward. Good government prevailed, open minds remain enlightened and the strength of your hearts and the clarity of your eyes cannot be denied. Your enemies will remember you and they will pause for they now know where good Duvanians live and where their treachery died.

In the coming time Arthos will need the Duvainian spirit Ralinwood represents more than ever. Forces work to blind us all in shadow and bind us in servitude to schemes on the grandest of scales. Years of machinations have pulled us to this moment and we stand upon the precipice of inevitability across from these shores. You may not always agree with our ways or our methods, but should you see our banner on the field when the time comes, you will find it beside you should you choose to answer the call.

Never forget those who seek to take from you. Never forgive those that do.

We shall return.
Death is just the dawn.

Setth Winter
Citizen of Duvain
Appears Human, cloaked in black.

OOG: Scott H

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