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Thalan of Ralinwood
To the races of all my kin,

I send this missive ahead of me to inform you that I, Enna Summerlark, Paladin of Ll’yandra, will be visiting your town this upcoming weekend as a vacation from the recent traumas that Jericho has attempted to inflict upon themselves, as well as to celebrate the 234th anniversary of the day of my birth.

To those who worship The Mother of Elves; If any of you have business with me, do not hesitate in approaching me so that I can assist in any way I can. 

To those who are elf-kind, but do not follow our mother; we all follow different paths, and Ll’yandra respects that, as do I. I am here for you as well if you need of me.

To any and all who wish to kill me; Do me at least the courtesy of letting me know.

—Penned for Enna Summerlark

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