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Market Day Flyer
A flyer is pinned to the notice board.

It’s time to buy and sell and… slay things. On the fourth day of May, a market is springing up in Ralinwood. Traders of the mundane, the magical, and more will be setting up their caravans for your pleasure and perusal.

If worldly possessions don’t interest you, there will also be a wealth of knowledge available from our various lecturers. Many of them were recruited by the pavilions to share their insights and skill with Ralinwood. A schedule will be posted on the notice board, alongside a list of vendors, so you can conduct yourselves accordingly.

Perhaps you may find treasure. Perhaps you may unburden your trash—upon someone else. Whatever your fortune, the Market is open.
Ralinwood Shaper 2019
OOG: Rachel Mortaley

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