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‘Green Eggs and Chum’ RP Awards (April 2019)
Once again, we saw an incredible display of roleplaying this past event. Not only do you all inspire us, you put yourselves out there, and it’s awesome to see! Congratulations everyone!

PC RP Awards!
Alex Preston-Bosch x5
Brad Stevens x5
Justin Hollander x5

Aaron Hanna x4
Adam Petkovic x4
Levi Maidens x4
Victoria James x4

Brad Schappert x3
Kyle Thornton x3
Alex Heintz x3

Colton Schug x2
Elektra Bauer x2
Jared Reaman x2
Will Apostolos x2

Sara Cobbett x1
James Semple x1
Sebastijan Stefan Purves x1

NPC RP Awards!
Jason (Jay) Bilow x 5
Jeff Barth x5
Sureeta Inderdeo x5
Ralinwood Shaper 2019
OOG: Rachel Mortaley
Big Grin keep up the great work, guys!
Jenn Wood.
Email only.
Please do NOT contact me here, or on facebook.
You like me! You really like me!! Lol Awesome work everyone, really super impressed with the amount of quality RP I saw at this past event. Keep it up!
Epic NPC Man!! -guitar riff-
Thanks guys!
We do not like it when you swat at and step on us!

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