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Event Review - Green Eggs and Chum (April 2019)
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The annual staple murker call has come and gone. The work you did will keep them at bay for another year... Or so you hope. Thank you to everyone who contributed and made this event what it was. We hope you had a great time.

And without further ado.. Tell us your thoughts! What did you like, what needs improvements, what are your favourite memories? Let us know!

Any concerns or major complaints, please feel free to email to speak to the Owners (myself and Dan) directly.
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I left covered in so much goo and filth that Nickelodeon would be proud.Everything was disgusting <3.

I had a wonderful time, the plot was straightforward so I didn't feel i missed anything,there was a good amount of fighting and a few quirky cool mods.You made great use of the corridors and spaces peacekeeper has.

I especially enjoyed Jens alchemy guild stuff,and fighting Derek is always a pleasure.

The only tip I could offer is that as a shaper I had Emily Fables season npc, I filled her in on all the plot I could so she could run something if I had to bail. She saved my ass so many times I lost count. A season npc teammate could make your season easier.
I don't usually have a lot to say about event reviews, but this one actually left enough of an impression on me.

Rob nearly broke my heart with that seance, Sureeta's old lady was an absolute delight, and Jenn's egg-dying mod was fun.

I think there could have been about 5% more stuff going on, as there were a few lulls but I understand that there can't be stuff going on at all times, and I'm no privy to everything going on either, so it's fine.

Finally getting to get this PC involved and excited about things was very nice, and I'll see if I can come back again soon Big Grin!
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So, this was easily one of my favorite events. The quiet parts didn't last very long, there was lots of fighting, saw some merchants. I was over all very happy.

Some personal highlights:
-Ed as Huntington. Just charming AF. I'd have a hard time not following him anywhere.
-Wiggzozz becoming Paragon!
-Just throwing myself at the wall of Murkers while everyone wanted a shield wall. I died, but got lifed, so all worked out.
-ALMOST becoming Jarl. Although, to be fair, if I had it would've been an utter train wreck.
-Getting iron tusks surgically implanted into my jaw.
-Hearing everyone around me as I was "out" from the surgery. "Why is his face a skull? Is that his actual face?"
-Just fighting Murkers. They're one of my favorite things to fight.
-Rocking out with 120 AP. RITE OF WAR!!!!

Less good things:
-The mosquitoes came out when it got dark, and swarmed me.
-I almost ran into 2 trees when it got dark
-Being hamstrung, and seeing everyone running from the kabooms being set. I was 100% certain I wasn't making it out. Thanks Roland!! (No the god, but the healer. He's cool. Bllod for Baaagh.)
The orc-iest Einher around.
6/6 silver swords survived this event. No crabs in sight.

The good;

All the new NPC gear! Holy crap all these new weapons coming out and being used, all those murkers using different things instead of all being 2 stickers. THIS IS AMAZING AHHHHHHHHHH. Really helps the game not feel like I'm grinding the same damn crunchy enemy in some sort of rpg video game. It really helped break up the combat into feeling different almost everytime. Please keep this up! PLEASE!

Listening in on the roleplay of the two npcs argueing about whether desert is apart of dinner or an after dinner thing. Fucking had me loling. Even after getting attacked, and then rescued, the arguement continued, 10/10 npc smalltalk/banter, keep that up!

Watching all the newer players having a blast and getting involved, gave me the warm fuzzies. New players are the best, Ebon will take as many as he can into as many situations as he can. <3 Yall so cute and innocent.

Had some really fun interactions while doing abunch of trading earlier in the day, have never done the trading stuff thing in game before, was glad it wasnt like pulling teeth haha. Thank you too all the nice people helping me get what I need/helping me find others who had things I needed. Your all dolls.

The Not so good;

Game felt very very slow for me, the amounts of times mods I had gone on, had too be paused or put into holds for descriptions mid mod, or for large effects mid mod too go off, or for some other not emergency reason, just didnt work for me, yes they are needed sometimes but this felt like too many. During some of these holds I'd hear banter between npcs/shapers/players and it super killed immersion for me. I'm at game too be IN GAME, not too hear this kind of stuff, I know its hard sometimes too not chat during a hold but its a hold guys SadSadSadSad

Was not a huge fan of the AOE blindness on the last mod, not sure if it just wasnt explained appropriately too everyone or not, but I was doing a 10 Mississippi count, and roleplaying the effect by rubbing my eyes and flailing about, but I'm seeing other players counting to like 3 and going back in, some not even bothering too act blind or effected at all. Most people did not know a range, and when asked an npc kind of just waved there arms in a random direction like "it affects here". After my 10 mississippi count I'd turn too continue fighting only for the blindness call be to instantly called again. At one point I was STILL BLIND when the effect was called a second time. Maybe I'm counting 10 mississippis really slow or something but this became super fustrating too take part in, if it was something too just buy some time maybe we can switch it up a little bit to like AOE pushbacks or AOE stuns(Including crunchies and minions). Just something different that isnt the same thing over and over and over.

Had a wonderful time this game, is nice too be Ebon and interacting with you all. NPCs were great, players were great, just some tiny nitpicky things for me. Smile
Big thanks to the NPC and shaper team for the event! It was a lot of fun and I hope everybody had as good a time as I did.

  • Amren came out, which was fantastic for Ori. Then half a dozen people who had heard rumours about the two of them DESCENDED on us to either blatantly stare or to start giving dubious relationship advice and/or prayers to the ancestors. This is likely karma for me causing the Aja to pray for Alistair's loss of dignity.
  • Was nice to see the Citadel actually acting more Citadel-y, even if that usually means town is about to get toasted.
  • I got to feel like the big damn hero and chase a dude into the Shadow Plane. This feeling lasted roughly 25 seconds before I realized he could leave and I couldn't. Cue awkward talks in NPC camp as a shaper and I sorted out if I'd survive the run to my anchor. "Arm OOG" is the best makeup I've ever done.
  • Connected to the above: "Wait. Did you just call him shadow man?" "He's a man and he Shadow Stepped. I'm not a fucking poet."
  • I talked to a ghost that may or may not have actually existed because SOMEBODY was being a jerk. But it was hilarious, so 10/10
  • "I left Jericho to escape my tax fraud." "Tax fraud? Did we get caught?!" "I think you're ok but why else would the tax man try to kill me with a greatsword?"
  • I'm not sure if we have enough mod sites on this site for this to have been avoidable but the final mod was kind of a nightmare mud-wise. I don't blame the shapers for that though, they can't control the weather.
  • I have either missed every single merchant to ever walk the paths of Ralinwood or there have been rather few lately. I know there was one who got immediately merced, so maybe I just have poor timing.

  • So when doing area of effect attacks usually it's either "Power Word Area: EFFECT NAME" or "Area of Effect: EFFECT NAME, DISTANCE". That's how I've heard it in the past, at least. That way you either take it if you hear the call, or if you're within X distance of the source. I was hearing a whole lot of "Area of Effect: Blindness" but no distance, so there was a bunch of confusion over if people who didn't hear it took it or how far that stretched.
  • Afternoon felt pretty slow but that's common for day mods.
  • Shapers dismissing things in a way that completely goes against the rules is rather frustrating for everybody involved. If there is uncertainty about a mechanic that is one thing but somebody saying "if I use this spell in the way it is intended it will work, right?" and being told "nah" with little explanation beyond "it's special" is really annoying.
Ori Moran: A purple feathered Avian with a red hat who carries a black and white shield. She has three Shadow Marks over one eye and a scar through the other.

Nelinha: Some asshole Ice Elf. Has a bright red hooded scarf and a black winged brooch.

OOG: Alex Heintz - NPL - Official Ralinmeme Maker
So I was really nervous about this event, but once it got going it really flowed amazingly. NPC camp was abuzz with excitement to bring the players a memorable event and I feel that we did just that.

Highlights for me would have to be the Potatoe / Dessert argument and the Goblin Roulette. For those involved you know why those were the best for me. 

Also, you players are getting too smart and it is an honor to keep helping our amazing Shapers come up with ways to mess with you all.
Epic NPC Man!! -guitar riff-
This was my first event as Amilija and by the ancestors did I have fun! So many fun interactions with PCs and NPCs. 

- Praying to the ancestors for Alistair's dignity
- Preparing a wedding for Dr. Moran and her 'girlfriend'
- The Citadel coming to kick our teeth in and making the right call to go get Lady Aminata.
- Shrugging off an explosive trap like it's nothing
- Getting to use my occupationals and feeling genuinely useful!
- Interactions with the poor Salam follower! 

I think the game was well put together. NPCs roleplayed really well and there didn't seem to be any weird calls and everyone seemed to know the rules really well. Edward's mod with the bombs was awesome and stressful and the final mod with the escape from the hatchery really got my blood pumping! I also thought Dustin's mod with he murkers washing up on the shore was really well done. Overall I think game design wise it was well put together!

- A bit too much downtime for my liking. I would have liked to see more crunchies or traveling NPCs.
- The game seemed REALLY easy. I'm not sure if that was just due to my build and skills or balance but just something I noticed. 
- Would have liked to see far more murkers washing up on shore. For a murker culling event, it seemed like it lacked fishy people.
- Kind of disappointed at merchants not taking gems in Ralinwood. I'm used to them being treated the same as coin so this was a little off-putting for me. 

Overall it was very fun and you can definitely expect Amilija to be back with her family soon!

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