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Hear ye! Tis Sabotage!
Citizens of Ralinwood, early in this morning it was discovered that virtually every sea worthy vessels currently in Port was crippled during the night.

Several unmanned vessels have had their mooring lines cut and have been over run by murkers. My own vessel as well as several other Duvainian navy vessels have had their rudders destroyed and hulls have been breached in many locations by alchemical acids and explosions.

We are calling on all able bodied adventurers to stand ready to deal with the murkers threat while the Navy works to repair our ships and recover those ships cast adrift.

Any explanation as to how the murkers have become so organized will be greatly appreciated by the town and the Republic.

Dutifully yours,

Captain Ashlind Ignatius Urquart
Owner - Shaper - Stick Wizard
Captain Urquart,

I will help your crew at the docks.

Blank, Esquire
A Construct-like creature wearing a brass-colored mask with a black veil. Wears a strange patchwork coat bearing random designs. A pair of fancy rapiers hang from each side of its hip. Sometimes walks with a bird-headed cane umbrella and wears a black tricorn.
Captain Urquart,

Somehow your hat has become unlinked from you and is now attached to me in a magical fashion. I would like to return it to you as it is your property so please come find me. The style of hat and the speech it causes are not suitable to myself so I would appreciate you bringing someone with you to remove the magic which is preventing me from willingly just handing the hat over to yourself or one of your subordinates. I can search you out if you wish it.

Sieur Abatt'age Fleau
Suvantian High Knight
House Lord Fleau of House Fleau of Suvant
My apologies Lord Fleau but I do not wear hats.

Captain Ashlind Ignatius Urquart
Owner - Shaper - Stick Wizard

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