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Empress-ive Exotics
A golden-trimmed parchment is posted to the board.


Graciously, we extend our appreciation for your support in the recent vote. Empress-ive Exotics is a formidable business, and we intend to make the most of our time here with you.

We carry many exotic and rare stock. Primarily, we specialize in the trade of artifice blueprints, chemistry recipes, and ritual scrolls. We might also come across magical items and ingredients from time to time. Though we may not always have them on hand, we always know where to look.

Just ask.

We will buy and sell these items at fair and reasonable prices. Find us, at the property by the docks, and introduce yourselves. We are eager to meet our neighbours.
Warmest regards,
Matriarch Mayasura
Ralinwood Shaper 2019
OOG: Rachel Mortaley

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