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An Old Face
*As the afternoon sea wind blows lazily through the docks a warrior bedecked in worn chain and plate disembarks from a small merchant vessel carrying goods and travelers, his black and blue livery swaying slightly in the salty sea breeze. A obviously well used but maintained shield is strapped to his arm whilst a sword rests at his belt. Looking around, he channels; quickly casting a silvery spell whose energy enfolds the robes beneath his armor which shimmer slightly before dimming back to their previous mundane appearance. He tilts his helmeted head back, his shoulders rise in a long inward sigh before drooping in a resigned posture before hauling a burlap sack over his shoulder and, if not stopped, makes his way into town*

(Those able to read magic see glyphs of protection prominently on the warriors shield. Those that recognize the spell cast would see a Mage Robes casting)
Human Templar
Caster of minor Protections magicks and Smith
Follower of Vesmir

He wears a quartered black and blue tabard and chainmail, is never too far from his trusty shield.

OOC: Aaron J Hanna

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