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RTC- Romeing Trade Company
Hello! Welcome to The Romeing Trade Company (Referred to moving forward as The RTC). With the removal of G&G and more interests moving in to Ralinwood, I figured this would be a great time to give this a shot myself! Below you'll find a ever changing list of goods, services, auctions and raffles! If you have any questions feel free to seek me out so that I can best help you get what you need - but prices may vary due to availability and demand!

What do we accept for trade, outside coin?

In short, just about everything! The values can be found below! Please note: these are the trade rates, what I am currently buying for coin can be found at the bottom of the shop list.

Value Listings

Gems: 1/2 weight value

Raw Materials: at 1 pound to 1silver on blacksmithing and alchemy, 3 silver to 5 pounds on scroll and trapsmithing

Weapons: re-forge value (simple 2 silver, med 1.2 gold, large 2 gold, exotic 2.4 gold)

Catalysts: 1 gold each

Common Goods: at 1/2-1/4 value depending on item (Why the price range? Some items are more likely to sell than others! People love books. The smelly pair of pants you took off that orc? Not so much. But if there is a demand, I pay more!)

Alchemy: at 1/2 creation value in materials

Scrolls: at 1/2 creation value in materials (Please check buying section when considering selling, your scroll may be in demand and worth more to me, but if you don't check I don't pay! 1 to 1 creation value in materials on all scrolls listed in the 'Buying!' section.)




Leather vest with butt flap( 10 points) - 1 gold

3 pairs of leather boots (2 points each) - 2 silver each pair


Misc. chain(28 points) - 2.8 gold

Misc. chain(9 points) - 9 silver

Misc. chain (12 points) - 1.2 gold


Misc. plate(12 pints) - 1.2 gold

WOOD sheild- 1 gold

Polished metal shields - 3 gold



2 daggers - 4 silver each

Bone handled ritual dagger - 1 gold

2-1 handed sword - 2.4 gold

Great sword - 4 gold


Iron staff - 6 silver

Iron throwing knife - 6 silver



charm animal- 6 silver


Purify-8th circle- 4.8 gold


Token catalysts: (aka things that make me feel good) 2 gold each.

A worn charcoal pencil:
Feeling 'a Desire for strategy'.
Type - Conjuration
"For your friend who thinks the best way to fight every battle is to run in head first with a battle cry"

Teddy bear
Feeling- empathy
Type- creation-
" for those seeking to understand others a bit better"

A hefty iron goblet
feeling- Content
type- Conjuration
" a nice drink at the end of the day is all you need"


A black scarf- 5 silver "It IS cold outside"

A pointed hat - 6 silver- "Can't be a real mage without one"

A potato - 1 silver- "I'm not sure where I got this, but I bet it would make a great stamp"

Onyx worm statue - 1 gold- "I think the sculptor miss took wrym for worm...though I could be wrong. Or they could be bad at sculpting."

A big blue bow - 1 silver- "You totally shouldn't sticky paste this to your friend's forehead and run.."

Ring- 2 silver- "a nice cheap little ring that you probaly shouldent propose with"

a silver fork-2 silvee- " so its missing the middle 2 prongs.. things happend dont ask questions- has been cleaned well"

Elaborate captain's tricorne with a gold symbol of duvain- 5 gold
" holy hell this hat is fancy, be the bell of the sea with this hat"

finely woven silk Robe with silver-trim- 5 gold
"there so soft..."

Anchor-2 silver " every ship needs one connected to a chain.. which is wrap around the leg of that drunk ass hole..ops MAN OVERBOARD'

sack of chicken feathers. 2 silver. " prefect pillow making matirals for those who dont want to die fighting geese or ducks'

Crack spider fang- 3 silver- " once apon a time i was small... no realy like we got shrunk one high winter and then there was this gaint spider which was really just a normal spider but then we killed it and i stole its fang and brought it back with me and it still pretty big!"

All of the following alchemy available on order!

Please contact me for prices on goods not listed below.

All goods below are of the 'ingested' type unless otherwise noted. Any questions about the usage and effects of alchemy can also be directed to me!

Remedy - 5 silver "For when you did something stupid and Dr. M- I mean the doctor/healer wont heal you"

Basic Antidote - 2.4 gold "Because: THAT FUCKING THING BITE ME! Wait... I don't feel so good"

Alchemical light (contact) - 2 silver "For when you're afraid of the dark or need to read that life scroll... again... or both at the very same time"

Simple Resist Toxin - 2.4 gold "Because there is not always the chance to drink that antidote"

Liquid Lungs - 8 silver "For when you need to breath something other than air but you wont need that right? Except for the whole port town thing... And the lurkers.. Oh shit thats a water elemental."

Liquid Courage - 8 silver "Because either you're not an orc and things are scary right now, or you are an orc and your pinky friends scare easy and you need them to get back to fighting like they should."

Intoxicant - 4 silver "For when you really need to get drunk, right now"

Heavy Intoxicant - 8 silver "For when you need to get drunk faster, forget is illegal and you need to forget that shit."

Detect Alchemy - 8 silver "Cause the dark elf looks a bit too happy about people eating his food"

Inoculation - 2.4 gold "Cause dad always told you to use protection and this way you can hopefully avoid catching something when you forget."

Weapon Colour (Contact) - 1.6 gold "Because you want your weapon to be black, and your friend definitely needs his weapon to be pink."

Dissolvent (Contact) - 1.6 gold "Because your alchemist friend is an asshole"

Light Acid - 4 silver "For when you need that troll to STAY THE FUCK DOWN"

I am BUYING the following goods at the current listed rates below, rates can change on a monthly basis so please check back regularly!

Raw Materials
Blacksmithing - 4 silver per 5 pounds
Alchemy - 3 silver per 5 pounds
Scroll Making - 3 silver per 5 pounds
Trap Smithing - 3 silver per 5 pounds


Any catalyst - 5 silver each


Magic items
Chemistry recipes
Ritual scrolls

I will make an offer in coin and trade value on all items at the time of evaluation. Be aware I am a merchant and will be looking to resell said items so prices will be in consideration of us BOTH making money.
If you have any questions feel free to seek me out so that I can best help you get what you need; but prices may vary!

Jake Rome
(Robert Pitchure OOG -contact via email or Facebook Messenger preferred)
A male hobbling with short hair wearing a look brown leather coat and chain with a cowboy hat normally with candy near at hand
(oog robert pitchure Email:

A sword called 'Inferno".
Price- 40 gold or best offer
+0 MAGIC AURA 'thats right fokes its magic'
1x month elemental blade <fire> 'for when being magic just isent good enough

unforchently the sword dosent seem to like ice
Flaw: makes its weilder take x2 damage from ELEMENTAL ice.

the enchantments are set to expire in augest of this year. so get the sword while its HOT! before this

You can troll too!
Elixir of Trolls blood Chemistry formula with 3 charges
Price- 90 gold or best offer

highly viewed as one of the best chemistrys. for those not in the know the trolls blood elixir gives you both the strength and vitality of a troll!...who would of guessed with a name like that right?

Effects of trolls blood
duration-1 hour
+4 str
reg 5 body per min this means you can not bleed out under the effects of trolls blood..unless you take damage from acid or fire which will immmediately kill you(bleed to death count)
this regen will NOT protect you from death effects of any kind.

please note that this is a chemistry formula not the finshed product. those intrested in the finshed product i will be happy to put you in contact with a chemist.
A male hobbling with short hair wearing a look brown leather coat and chain with a cowboy hat normally with candy near at hand
(oog robert pitchure Email:
currently under constuction.
A male hobbling with short hair wearing a look brown leather coat and chain with a cowboy hat normally with candy near at hand
(oog robert pitchure Email:

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