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2019 Shaper Responsibilites / Emailing the Shapers
Underworld LARP is a Live Action Role Playing game - therefore, our game is all about the things that happen live, at our events. But, since the world continues to turn and churn between games, we get that there are things that need upkeep between the live events. When items must be handled between games, please email our general shaper gmail, and tag the Shaper in the subject line like this: "[Rob] Prayer to Erasmus"; "[Dan] I'm trying to become a knight of Duvain"; '[Angela] I step through the Henge"; "[Jade] Looking for the Azure monks; [Ed] Searching at the docks; [Jenn] Need a merchant".

Please note: This email / Discord / the forums are not meant to engage players in day-to-day kind of RP, or mundane scenes. The email is supposed to be used to take care of business items between games. If Shapers choose to run scenes by email / Discord, etc., this is an extra they are offering. They're great for doing it!


**DO NOT MESSAGE THE SHAPERS ON FACEBOOK OR PERSONALLY. USE THE SHAPER EMAIL ONLY.** Shapers who receive plot/game messages to their personal emails / facebook are allowed to ignore you. 


- Plot Items / Magic Items ((Daniel - please email for matters involving Dan)).

- Two Feather / Blood Moon / Am’ranth - Rachel
- Docks / Navy - Ed
- Merchants - Jenn
- Farms / Blood Red Rose - Rachel
- Traduceri (Aja Caravan) - Angela
- Demons and that Hell Gate - Daniel
- Bloodbringer Orcs - Ed
- Thieves Guild / Underbelly Black Market - Jenn, Ed to assist
- Citadel / Church of light local Abbey - Rob
- Pavilions / Regent - Rob
- Gods (Champions) - Rob
- Dragon (Favoured) - Jade

- Bounty Hunters Guild - Jade
- Mages Guild - Rob
- Alchemists Guild - Jenn
- Monster Hunters - Rachel / Ed

Misc duties:
- Backstory review and approval - Rachel
- Lowbie content - Jade
- Rumours - Angela

- Rituals - Dan (Trainees)
- Fae Marshal - Lead: Angela; Trainees: Jenn, Rob, Jade
- Traps / treasure chest / locks - Ed
- Demons - Daniel

Vocations trainers have been assigned. If you do not find one that you want, please feel free to email the shaper gmail with the subject "Looking for Vocation Trainer" and let us know which vocation you are looking for.
Owner - Tavernkeep - Forums Admin - Cat Herder
For backstories - please continue to email, unless Rachel says otherwise. If she says otherwise, we will update this post.
Owner - Tavernkeep - Forums Admin - Cat Herder

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