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Hiring: A new Red Armband Trainer
HIRING: A Red Armband Trainer!
So I am shaping this year and will no longer have time to do the training for red combat. I am looking for a replacement! This is not a paid position, but I did make some nice money selling red armbands.
I would prefer if this position was NOT filled in by another shaper or season npc.
Once I hire someone, i will host either a discord or in-person meeting with me to go over details but a brief list of responsibilities is below. it seems daunting, but it is a very easy job.

-Have a thorough understanding of the red armband rules and regulations and be previously trained in them.(i will provide a refresher for people interested  ) 
-Train players that have attended more than three game in red combat. This training must take place at least 3 weekend games per season.
-Have access to Red Armband rules at all times either through print off or internet connection. 
(I can provide TWO copies. not per game, ever.)
-Post online when and where your training will take place (MUST be on friday night before game)
-Arrive to site at least an hour before games that you are training on.
-Sign a trainee's character card after training and have them sign your list
-Handing in your signed list to the logistics team at log
-Help with monitoring red combat (note: you are NOT responsible for other people's actions or intervening. just reporting to the marshals or medical marshals if you see someone being extreme or unsafe in red combat.)

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