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Hey UW!

So, I was wondering what the limitations are on totem animals. I know there are a list of do's and do nots but I hope you dont mind me asking. my question are color coated to help.

Here is the RB.

Totem  Pre-requisite: Occupation at 9th Level and at least one 6th Level Druid Ability An Occupational Ability for Druids, this skill allows the Druid to shape-shift into their Totem Animal. The Totem Animal must be chosen upon purchase and cannot be changed after purchase. Subsequent purchases allow the Druid to select an additional Totem Animal. Totem may be used once per day per purchase.
When used, this skill will transform a Druid into their chosen animal form. The animal cannot be smaller than a fox or larger than a brown bear. The animal may not be one that is capable of flight and must be natural/normal (not supernatural). It takes one minute to activate, and requires the Druid's full concentration. If s/he becomes distracted, uses any other skill, or takes damage to Body during the transformation, the ability fails and is considered used for that day. All carried items and clothing will magically merge into the Totem form. These items cannot be retrieved until the Totem ends. This ability will fail if the Druid attempts to shape-shift while carrying an item with a Spirit or something that is larger than half his/her size. The experience of "shifting" for a Druid is a blessed and personal one. During this time, the Spirit of their Animal Totem grants permission to share its consciousness for a brief and majestic moment. This Totem change lasts for 1 hour and may be terminated at will (taking 1 minute to change back). If detected for magic, a Totem will glow and thus can be distinguished from a regular animal. 
While in their Totem form, the Druid should think and behave as the animal does. The Druid will possess his/her own personality, motivations and fears. However, they will now be filtered through the mind of an animal. The character will now have "animal intelligence" but this should be viewed more like "forced role-play" than as a weakness. All information learned while in Totem form will be remembered when the Druid shifts back, unless the Totem animal dies. While in Totem form the Druid may not use any skills or abilities. Magic protections, augmentations and any other Magic targeting the Druid's Spirit (positive or negative) will transfer over to the Totem form during the shape-shift; normal rules for duration still apply. All Totem Animals fight with two boffer weapons to represent their "claws". It is possible to construct a suit of armour specifically for the animal form, although the Totem Animal would require assistance putting it on.
While in Totem form (and during the 1-minute transformation count), the Druid will take double damage from all silver weapons. Should the Druid fall into their "Death" count, their body will automatically revert to their original form over the next minute. The Druid may touch and carry silver items, but doing so will cause him/her great discomfort and should be role-played accordingly. Upon successful shape shifting back, the Druid will be fully healed and any Alchemical toxins or non-Magical diseases in their system will be removed. 

The Totem will have the following stats. Please note that the numbers are calculated from level 1 and not the level at which the Druid purchased the skill.
1 Normal threshold, +1 every 3 levels. 2 damage via Claw, +1 every 3 levels. 20 Body, +5 every 3 levels. 1 "25 Slay" every 5 levels.
These stats/abilities cannot be improved by skills purchased by the Druid. In the same way that one cannot use a Totem slay outside of Totem form, one cannot use a character’s slay in Totem form. The same is true for all of these stats.


1. Can I be a big bug? like a giant spider? I do not know if these animals are considered natural in the world of UW. That being said I was looking to be a Giant Ant, Spider, or a flightless Griffon fly (Giant Dragon fly) I just wish to be a big bug.

2. as stated I can carry over spells on spirit, so if I pop my claws to make me swing magic before I transform can I swing for magic? can I also use protections to up my thresholds? (I remember someone being told no, but the rules state otherwise. just wanted to be sure.)

3. So if I wanted to purge my self of disease and poisons I can just shift and shift back? does this work on toxins with specific antidotes? like slow death and ambrosia?

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From one who played a Druid, I was told no on bugs (asked about Spiders and the like myself and was told it must be a "mammal")

I was told no on the claws thing, the magical spell is over taken by Natural Claws. I agree the wording of the rules states different.

Yes for the most part, no on things that need specific antidotes. Rabies, cured on shifting back, slow death is not.
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1) ask, I was told I could be a spider but whent with dingo for the baby eating jokes

2) don't know about claws but if the spell needs you to Cary something like a stone or changes your body I would think no

3) can't shift back unless you have anouther use
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Says right in the description you can change back at will with a 1 minute count.
We do not like it when you swat at and step on us!
yes to end early. does not say you can change back. it's a tag skill, once a day
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To answer your claws question, if another mage casts claws the appropriate amount of times, after you shift, that works. Buddy system yo
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