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Event Review - Bite the Hand that Feeds
Hey all

this was my first game back in forever, and I missed you all.

Getting my play my wolven after over three years has been great, she is full of tales and bad humor. I was happy to see a larger group of people doing make up races. I love these the most and appeate the care everyone does with there make up.

my only complaint about the whole weekned is: if you want to sit at the fire, please help when people ask for a wood run. Everyone wants a fire, but none wants to keep it going.
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OOG: Tara
Sorry for late review been super busy!

~I really want to thank NPC Camp, Medacle Marshalls, and Ivanna personally for the patience, concern, and respect for my issues with my right arm during game. Its still hurting but I have booked an appointment to see a doctor to look at it, buit again thank you, Lots of love.
~all the attention from my new axe that Dyylan (Zuul) made for me
~Killing a Bee and getting the Bees Knees XD
~the reagent's acknowledgement and frustrated confusion of such knees
~Bounty Hunter's Guild Dwarf and Union Representative, that whole interaction was great but my favourite parts where as follows"
-Cat:"Name?" Me:"Krong the Strong, Beekeeper" Cat: "Im not writing Beekeeper"
-Max: "Write that down for my notes" Cat: "you cant read" Max: "....."
-Me: (trying to explain in game im lvl 3 Blacksmith) "I know 3 things about Balcksmithing" Cat: "and those 3 things are" Me: "UUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHH"
~Death Rogue was scary as all hell
~The new tavern system is actually quite nice
~The Mechanics of some of the enemies during the master puzzle mod were unique
~half naked Aldos

~Shitty bandit running off with my Axe (this is neutral because it was funny but a pain to have to run full tilt for my axe when I was trying to eat breakfast)

~My arm hurting all weekend and having to go out of game during some cool stuff (personal problem)
~I know i said this a couple times but the Dire Badgers mod was way too stacked for a new player mod in my opinion
~felt that the time sensitive scenarios too time sensitive (the Litch formation and the blacked tunnels)
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o boy lets do this
so lets start with the bad stuff cuase thats what the story tellers are looking for.

-wake up monsters with slays (50s not 25s) and physical engulfs? thats a tad bit heavy handed for Saturday/Sunday 830 am.
-people need to be fully explained how monster abilities work before they are sent out. I shouldn't have to explain how a monster ability works to the npc swinging it or to the new player being hit buy it.
-also goes for death classes,
-------PICK UP YOUR GOD DAMN GARBAGE and reps off of mod sites, both pcs and npcs.
-----please sign your tags, ive had so many this year from so many different sources and they wernt signed, i feel like im cheating if they arnt signed or have their rm value not on them.

Inferalism . see you soon Mr Grim

pros: most of my pros are usually given in person to the shaper and npc who does awesome stuff.
++++++PLAYER AGENCY. give me more of this.
+DUES VAULT+ Rio, Will A and Dan, this made my Saturday night.
++Wizzog needs a buck of frags for the good job he does.
+the look on Cats face when i arrested Rio, and then got Micheal cursed.
++surprise 72 body? No effect.
+++ everything Will A does.
saving the two feather. feels good man, thanks Cat

ill add more later
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For the time I was there, I had a pretty darn good time. Had to leave early. Alas.

- Went on my first newbie mod in about 8 years, and wasn't disappointed. The Badger Buggerer has been anointed. Good job, Will.
- Best grove location ever.
- "IF YOU DON'T WANT TO DIE, TOO, GO BACK TO BED", "Yes sir! Sure am sleepy".
- Surviving the trap due to my lucky hat, and saving the day. Ish.

-Best grove location ever. Still picking thorns out of my legs and hands and thighs and dingly bits
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(10-03-2018, 12:34 PM)Jacob Kraye Wrote: o boy lets do this
so lets start with the bad stuff cuase thats what the story tellers are looking for.

Just because it's true... We DO like to good stuff too. Only if it's legit though.
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(09-30-2018, 09:27 PM)Dr. Moran Wrote: Neutral:
• If a shaper is too busy to deal with something I would rather be told to come back later when they can actually listen to me and not have them half listen and then proceed to forget/disregard everything I said. PCs are used to being told "please come again". Do not be afraid to ask for some time or to get a written note or something.

• It is entirely possible that the PCs took too long to explore the tunnel after the final mod and this is why it happened BUT: making us run around all hunched over through a tunnel, fight multiple fear sentinels and more of those stacked golems, then reaching a dead end followed shortly by "yeah that's game" was pretty rough.
Both of these things are my fault, so my bad on both counts. Both are probably because I am tired, but the result is I made decisions without actually remembering what I said or understanding what was going on. I honestly thought I was doing things properly this time around. Still not. 
Guess I'll die.
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All in all, it was a good game, I came out of it feeling like the trip was well worth it.

Pros: -It was interesting to start the game the way I did, that mod was brutal and it was interesting to me. Been a while since I'd encountered that.
-NPC shift was fun, had a good time and felt well utilized while I was there.
- Teaming up with Dan's Citadel, yeah, I'm a heathen. But fuck it if I am not helping clean up this damn mess.
- NPCs actually being real characters. Every plot character has been interesting and unique.

Neutral: - Slow Saturday, I know it happens, I don't feel strongly about this but I would have loved some sort of passive NPCs to interact with or some such. People should probably take more NPC shifts. >>

Cons: - This is just a general thing and I don't think there is blame except we all need to improve. The Monster Manual includes roleplay prompts, please ask about them! I was told there were ghouls. But it is impossible to differentiate dude in white tabard from dude in white tabard without the roleplay. Ghouls are loud, that's part of their fear. The RP prompts are amazing and I would love to see us start using them more often.

Solid 8/10 game, weather and sickness removing most of these points.
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