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Event Review - Getting Their Hands Dirty (July 2018)
I tried to write a review and then read Rob's and got emotional. Wow. Fuck. Guess I'll cry.

Ok. So. I was PCing for a crisp 5-6 hours so my PC highlights will be short and not remotely about plot:
• Frye, Gigo, that talk we had was amazing. Really. Especially the bit about the church, that was the first time I actually sat down in game at event and told the tale from start to finish.
• Brondulf. I would have won that duel and you know it. But I think I liked this conclusion more.
• Riven and Miahla. Sweet fucking christ. Thank you both for the send off, it hurt but it's the kind of hurt that meant the feelings were real. The "oh" moment. The terrible dancing. Me "forgetting" the one verse of the song I knew I would not be able to get through without crying and having to stop. The last words before the hold being "shut up, you were amazing". I'm getting emotional again.
• Thanks for the wild ride, guys.

NPC Highlights:
• Pool Fae. I hope I can go back out as Willow some time because being the Selkie's impromptu assistant was very relaxing. Was nice to talk to people and try to decide how a weird ass true fae with little to no knowledge of mortals would think.
• "Would you like to play a corpse?" "I have never loved you more than in this moment."
• I played one of the borderline psychopathic water elementals, one of the air elementals in the Monster Hunter mod, and a stone elemental. Had a blast each time. Elementals are often my favourite roles, I love the wide variety of reactions they get from PCs.
• Thank you to each and every shaper and NPC that bent over backwards trying to make sure I could play something I liked and also let me have some time alone when I needed it. It was appreciated and helped a lot. I love you all.

• Ok so. Most of you figured out something was up when I vanished into the night and then started NPCing. Some of you came up during quiet moments and asked if I was ok. That was lovely and I appreciated the care. Some of you, however, came up to me in the pool/in the middle of NPC roles/between pops in fights/other horribly inconvenient and obvious times to ask me meta questions like "so are you dead or what?". Ivanna JUST made a well written and much needed post about not going out of game at event. Please go reread it.
• Similar to the above, the pool is in game, please stop talking OOG in the pool.

Rob posted a song to make me suffer so I'm posting a song too.
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