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Stay In Game
[Immersion, Infernalism and being OOG]

Hey everyone. Long post incoming. Even the tldr is long. But it's important so give it a read. We'll also make a reminder during announcements. Chances of a monologue at announcements is TBD.

We've been hearing complaints about infernalism, people not staying IG, and people OOG breaking immersion for other players.

Immersion is one of the best parts of our games, and in fact, is one of the main features of our game. It lets people really get into character, into the emotions of it all, and into our world. Being In Game is what makes it all really real. Being IN Game is why people are AT game. And being In Game is even more important for our world - people come to game to believe in a fantasy world, to really become other races and creatures, to really see monsters, and really feel magic happening.

Being IG is especially important to our world since we have a period setting. We don't permit "infernalism" more than is necessary. We make small allowances for watches and water bottles and cooking, food and tents, but concessions should only go so far. We don't allow cell phones at game, we make people move their cars to the parking area, we do our best to cover up infernal items. People should be mindful not to talk infernally. We encourage period appropriate clothing, costuming, armour and camping gear as much as possible. (Btw - If you're looking, Epic Armoury does have a great collection of tools, equipment and accessories. And they're Canadian so they ship fast.). We in NPC camp do our best to find period clothes, lighting sources, and props to help keep everyone in period and, ideally, In Game. We do this to keep the world as real as possible.

However, we've been hearing that people are respecting neither people's desire to get into game, nor NPC camp's hard work to create the intense and realistic game world we want. So we're taking the time to remind you to Stay In Game. It's respectful. It's considerate. And frankly, it's required - it’s literally in our rules. You must Stay In Game.

This applies to both PCs and NPCs.

As PCs, you should be IG at all times while on site. You should stay IG in your camps, at the pool, in the tavern. You should not speak or act infernally. You should not go OOG for no reason. We are not an OOG social space. We are an In Game social space.

Travelling to / from NPC camp for shift is an exception for PCs (reminder that you cannot sleep OOG after a Friday night NPC shift. You are expected to go back into game as soon as you can after you leave your NPC shift).

Medical holds are the biggest exception - and it is why we have the medical chit system. You can read that policy here.

We also understand that people may just want to take a break from game. Taking an OOG break in an In Game space is not permitted. You can leave site for an OOG break if you need one. Dorchester is very close by, like a five minute drive, and they have a cute little town. Go there. Don't hang out OOG in In Game spaces.

Being OOG as a PC while on site without a medical chit is not only against the rules, it's rude. Being inconsiderate of others is a personal pet peeve of mine. If I hear you, I will tell you. I was polite about it before, but I'm going to stop being polite about it now. You have been warned. I'm licensed now.

A reminder that all spaces at site are IG spaces, unless they are a noted exception or NPC areas. Examples of noted OOG spaces are the kitchen area of tavern (we'll have curtains up this game), NPC cabin, Owners Cabin, medical cabin and NPC camp. The parking lot is like a semi neutral area, but be considerate of others still. If you are not sure, assume everything is an IG space and ask at your first chance. The pool is IG space, but a non-combat space. The cabins are IG spaces. The showers are IG spaces (please do not steal untagged clothing and no assault while using the shower. OOG safety trumps, always).  

This also goes hand in hand with meta gaming things you see / hear in NPC camp, whether when on shift or asking questions.

Metagaming is cheating. You should not bring meta knowledge into game. Don't do it. Your character and your person can, in fact, know different things, and you can also keep meta things to yourself. It's been playtested, and it works. You can do it too.

In short, as a PC, stay IG as much as you can. It's the rules AND it's fun for everyone.

As an NPC, you are also expected to help keep PCs IG unless it's unavoidable. Many of our NPCs already do this, and we're so grateful for your care and consideration.

As an NPC, you spend a lot of time OOG. When you are OOG, you should have little to no reason to interact with someone who is IG. If you are OOG, in fact, you should avoid breaking immersion in any way. Talking, waving, using bright lights, shuffling through tags, walking through groups of PCs or through camps instead of around them, sitting by the fire without a purpose, laughing at someone's misfortune, among other things, can all count as breaking someone's immersion, and should be avoided or minimized. If you want to socialize, socialize with your OOG battle buddies in NPC camp or in the NPC cabin.

We will be discouraging NPCs from standing outside NPC camp and chatting OOG,  given that it's in the middle of town. However, NPC camp is a small space and it gets hot in there, so we'll probably be setting up one of our pop up shelters outside. We will remind NPCs to keep it down while outside. We're new to site so we're still working out those kinks. Bear with us while we work it out.

In short, NPCs are meant to MAKE not BREAK the world. Make it so.

We're not saying it's all of you. We're not even saying it's many of you. If we have a specific issue with you, we WILL talk to you. We also take complaints seriously. So we're making a general post, so everyone knows the community rules and what is expected.

This reminder has to come up every so often. It happens that people get comfortable around their friends, and that's expected. I get it. I really do. Have you met Dan? But let's all remember that when you're AT game, you're at GAME. You can hang out OOG before game. You can hang out OOG on your NPC shift. You can hang out OOG at afters. You can even hang out OOG at socials or at cons or at sushi. There's lots of OOG time and lots of hang out options. But In Game time - the Live Action part of LARP - is limited. It's only once a month. It's only those hours we're all on site. And it's what you're here for. Make those hours really count! Stay In Game.

Staying IG as a PC is the rule.
Don't be infernal. It's illegal. Violators may be executed.
Don't metagame. It's cheating and it's shitty. Violators may be vetoed from game.
Tavern is an IG space. Pool is an IG space. Showers are an IG space. Don't steal untagged clothing.
Taking OOG breaks in In Games spaces is not allowed. If you need a break you can get medicaled out, or you are allowed to leave site.
Keeping PCs IG is the rule for NPCs. NPCs should not be taking PCs OOG unless it's unavoidable.
This is a general reminder for everyone.
IG time is limited. Use it wisely. Or poorly. Your choice there. But use it while In Game.

Super tl/dr;
Stay In Game.

As always, if you have concerns, comments or complaints please email
Owner - Tavernkeep - Forums Admin - Cat Herder

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