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Baldric/Frog for a 2 handed sword.
Hello folks, just wanted some insight on something to carry my Bellator II sword on. If it can be on my back, that would be ideal, but if something on my side works as well, then I'd be willing to go that route as well.

This is the 2 hander I'm working with:

Here is one option for a baldric:

All of this looks ideal but I'm worried about the fit of it on my body (I'm 6'2" tall and 180lbs in weight) as well as the straps not fitting the sword. Should I get this baldric or something similar online, or am I better having one custom made? What have other people done?

Thanks in advance all!
I carried a Cali Bellator for 2 of my characters at my hip. The sword is just short enough to be carried without dragging on the ground. I'm 5'9" and it was no issue for me, so seeing as you're taller you shouldn't have an issue either. The sword itself is also thin enough to fit most commercially available LARP weapon scabbards, so I think you'd be fine.
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