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Ralinwood does a 4 Day Event, and maybe moves
It's time for a Four Day

The Plot team agrees - it's past time and we all deserve it. So get ready. Ralinwood's May weekend event (at the new site no less) will be a four day event! This means we can offer double blankets! Thank Celeste there are showers.

Stevenson's Children's Camp:
5081 Gore Road, Dorchester Ontario

Blankets offered: 2
Cost: $50

Since we're offering double blankets and going for the four day event, we'll be charging an extra $5 on top of the regular event fee (so the four day event will cost $50 - which is the price we charge for All Hallows by the way). We promise the site alone will be worth the charge, never mind what Plot's got planned. Which will be excellent, yet horrifying.

May is a Tester Weekend...
The May event is a tester weekend with the site. Which means we get a tester price and everything. Stevenson's would definitely like us to come back, and this site is (as far as we can tell so far) very very good. The people are very, very good too. If we represent ourselves well to them, if we can be our (OOG) considerate and respectful selves of the space they are letting us use, then neither us nor site sees a problem with making this Ralinwood's new home. 

... so let's make it a good tester weekend.
With that being said, let's make sure our first weekend is not our only weekend there. Let's make sure we present well and leave the place clean, undamaged, and presentable at the end of our time there. [Running water. Bathrooms. Giant Mess Hall. Cabins.] Then hopefully we will can move forever.

A note about Stevenson's Children's Camp - in their spare time, when they are done letting us wreak havoc and mayham in their woods, Stevenson's is a weekday summer camp for underprivileged children. They let us use their space Friday after camp lets out until Sunday afternoon, when their counsellors come back and prepare for the next week's batch of kids. We support this cause very much. Daniel and I have decided that we are going to be donating a small amount of our proceeds to the running of the camp each time that we use their space (about $100 every event). That being said, although the donation is a great gift, the best gift we can give them is a functional and clean site for the kids. That means they need the site to be ready to go once we leave it. 

This can really be our new site. It can legitimately be our new home. They have work days we can attend to help clean up, clear paths, etc. They would be over the moon to have us out to help keep the site prepped for everyone's use. 

If we stay, we can get banners to put up on the walls of cabins, or in the mess hall. I'd get a giant map of Ralinwood printed for the main area. We would have a "Pavillions" site, could set up a semi-permanent spider cave, possibly set up ritual circles made of rocks or plants or something - and never mind the cool variety of mod sites we've checked out. There's space for camps. Camps. There's even a deep woods area for out-of-the-way hidey sneaky stuff.

So, even if you don't want to do it for the children (yes I said that, and I fricken mean it), if we don't act with consideration and if we don't leave them with a clean site, they will not let us come back. So do it for the kids, do it for Ralinwood, do it so people can shower, or do it for yourself. But please, do it.
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The fact that CamDaddy can shower at events is enough for me...not that you stink or anything but....come on...
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