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Cabin Rentals (Stevenson's)
Location: 5081 Gore Road, Dorchester

We'll be renting whole cabin privately as well as individual bunks. 

Bunk: $10 / weekend

Private Cabin: $150 / weekend (19 bunks total)

There are six cabins up for rent. Each cabin has a total of 19 beds. All the cabins have electricity and heat.

We will assign bunks spaces / cabins for May. If we are permitted to return, we would be happy to start the 'reserving a cabin for the season' process. If a camp wishes to obtain a cabin for the whole season, they may do so.

Cabin users will now be required to sign an agreement to use the bunks (just a little one, mostly dealing with cleaning up afterwards! I assure you, there are no sneaky clauses.)

Everyone who uses an individual bunk will be collectively responsible for cleaning up the cabin at the end of game. Individual bunk users will be required to 'sign out' before they leave. I will know who was there, and if the cabin is not cleaned up afterwards, I WILL send a sternly worded email about it. Our new site is really beautiful, and has amazing facilities, and we want to continue to play there.

If renting a private cabin, we ask that one person sign the agreement and be responsible for the whole cabin. They will be the one paying and making sure the cabin gets cleaned up afterwards. Since we are giving a discount (like $40, that's basically 4 free bunks) to anyone who wants to rent a whole cabin, we expect that you will all share the cost of renting a private cabin. If we find out that someone rents a whole cabin, then charges people more than their fair share to stay in the cabin (whatever that may be, i.e. if the one who rents the cabin makes off wit money), that person will not be permitted to rent a cabin again.

We expect players to remain IG in their cabins at all times, bags and items included, expected for designated OOG bags (which should be clearly marked with white tape / ribbon. Rules about 'tent raiding' (that a Marshal must be present if you wish to steal from someone or go through their items) continue to apply.

You may reserve or pre-pay for a Cabin or Bunk. You can pay on site at logistics or pay in advance online to guarantee yourself a spot.

Cabins may not be locked unless an IG lock exists. Locks will work on the cabins as they are permanent structures. The lock must be approved by a marshall, tagged and repped appropriately as per the rulebook. Cabins may never be OOG locked.

Combat in cabins is permitted but we ask that you be mindful of the building and furniture.

The rules for searching someone's possessions in a cabin are the same as in a tent - you must have a marshal present. If you are not one of the individuals renting the cabin, you may not enter without a marshal or renter present, or without a renter's invitation. As with tents, we ask that you clearly mark your OOG possessions with something white.

How to book
You can book cabins once Prelog opens for that event.
First come first serve.

Please email to book spaces.
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What if we rent a bunk but don't stay the whole event?
A friendly human woman with dark hair pinned in place with an antler fork.

ooc: Heather Hatch 
It's $10 flat fee. Sorry my friend.
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I meant more in terms of responsibility for cleaning the cabin!
A friendly human woman with dark hair pinned in place with an antler fork.

ooc: Heather Hatch 
Pick up after yourself and let us know when you leave is good enough for me Smile
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