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Taking the fight to the Murkers [2:00PM, March 13, 2018]
In correlation with recent events [ for reference ] 

Warden Velvet can be seen patrolling the docks with the increasing of Murker activity.
Working with whoever wishes to fight them back when they cause trouble.
Working to smash the Murker eggs that wash up along shore as well with hopes to slow the amount that make it on shore. 

Wearing gloves also trying to gather any samples that might be used to help study what might be going on.
*Stefan yells at several groups of Murker to "Get off his sand lawn" before sauntering off inland towards the woods. He does this occasionally, in varying forms of wording, throughout the next week*
Stefan Fiodor Bordello, Gate Slayer, Knife Singer, Curse Eater
An young adult Ajaunti man. He wears a purple headscarf, shirt, pants, sashes, and various purple coats. Purple tattoos streak under his eyes. Never has visible weaponry, but sometimes wears thin chainmaille.
As the Murker activity increases throughout the week, Brondulf can be seen assisting Valvet and anyone else in the fights against the monsters whenever they approach too close for the comfort of town.
IG: A tall slender Einher sporting the the blue and green colors of clan Galloglach, with the Tiwaz rune painted over his right eye. 

OOG: Rowan Carnahan-Koberinski


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