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Cooking Competition Sign Up/ Categories
"Hello, you rapscallions! 
    Alexander Rosethorn here with an update on the cooking competition. Some lovely people have donated prizes, so, I saw fit to add categories to the competition. In addition to the Best Overall Dish that I was originally planning to judge. I am adding Best Entree and Best Dessert as categories! Those of you seeing fit to enter can sign up for whatever category you wish! Prizes will be offered for each category. Onto some more important information! This is where you will all be signing up. Judges have been chosen, so now is your chance to sign up and state which category you will be entering into! Please reply below!

Until next time,
    Alexander Rosethorn"
Will Apostolos shaper account

Contact me via the shaper email, and tag the email (Will A). Do not contact me via facebook.
Jannika, both entree and dessert (OOG Kym Ellis)
Older, brightly dressed Tavernlady
Master Chemist, Herbalist, 
Teller of Fortunes and Chef Extrordinaire
Those who wish to stir the shitpot, will have to lick the spoon  
I will bring something for the Entree section
Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.

OOG - Dave E
Callum will enter both of the competitions.
A lightly armored einish man. He has neck length brown braided hair and is clad in a black leather tunic and a kilt of Lofoten colours.

"Become the kind of leader that people would follow voluntarily, even if you had no title or position."

OOG name: Jake Ruble
Sathis will enter both
A portly, shaven human in a grey cloak and robe.

OOG name: Levi Maidens
Baruk shall enter his ishes into both competitions.

-Penned for Baruk
Some scrub

OOG: Matthew Campbell
Rain will bring an entree and a dessert.
A small, human woman who dresses in mostly black. She has short, blonde and dark hair. A large cross is branded on her face. She almost always has a scarf around her neck.

Name: Yoshi Yohida
Gideon will be bringing a main.
Matthew Weaver
An Einish Male of Clan Bothnia. 
Zia will enter a dessert. If I wind up having time to do an entree as well, I'll update here.

Looks like an entree is go, so I will be entering both.
A friendly human woman with dark hair pinned in place with an antler fork.

ooc: Heather Hatch 

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