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[January 2260]

There have been rumours that small groups of Bloodbringers out in the forest have been found dead. Worse, the bodies turn up… incomplete. The Bloodbringers are quick to blame the werewolf pack, but the Two Feather deny the allegations vehemently.

Lately, patrols have been spotting a figure out late at night, carrying a blue lantern. No one has gotten close enough to see more than a shadowy figure in the blue glow. A few suspicious sailors insist that it is a lone lure Murker. Some say it is the ghost of one of the farmers killed by the Undead. Some say it is one of the Undead themselves - a melancholy Banshee searching for her lost love.

Rumour has it that the local locksmith has been keeping copies of all the keys they make. Which locksmith? Well, I didn't hear that part...

There's an island just off the coast where, if you go there, it is summer. On the island you will find beautiful gardens and pavilions. The hosts, with long pointed ears and colour markings, are very gracious and welcoming, and the food is to die for.
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