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Invitation of Inviting
*posted in many places and even tacked to trees in the woods you find this notice:*

Hello friends! It is I!

We, the Traduceri family, endorsed by the lovely, Lady Aminata Gomorrah, are lavishing Ralinwood with an extravagant
extravaganza! There will be foolishness and good fortunes and great fun! Games of gamble! Muscles and musing and merrymaking!

We, the Traduceri family, hope that all you fine folk of Ralinwood will join us, regardless of clan, creed, and tribe, to honour our allies, the Two Feathers and the Bloodbringers. They have been extremely effective at ensuring our protection and the safety of these lands, even though they have… well, different methods…  

Very, very different methods…

But, they have not been so kind to one another, so we have been hearing. This will not do, no no. So we will bring you together in such a gathering! Is a celebration of differences! And, with your help, dear residents of Ralinwood, our most heartful desire is to improve upon what is already impressive! Unite in a night of serious talks but also serious and splendid celebrations! Laugh and sing and drink and fight and talk until a truce is struck that settles the conflict between the Two Feathers and Bloodbringers! Our neighbors, who do so fine work, should be so fine to one another. So we invite you, friends and cousins and families, to rest and put to rest your troubles. Troubles enough are trickling up from below, yes? So no more surface troubles! And show our friends how to put their troubles to rest.

We, the Traduceri family, are inviting the Bloodbringers to our home. Come show us your arms! Metal or meatle, both are being good. We know you have such great arms.

We, the Traduceri family, are inviting the Two Feathers to our tents. Come share our food and rest in safety! We welcome you here.

We, the Traduceri family, are inviting the people of all of Ralinwood to join us. Be our guests, and help us in the making of this place. We will show them how to being good to your neighbour is done!

Please to come Saturday, January 20th just after dinner time. You know where to find us! At our lovely home.

We, the Traduceri family, look forward to seeing all our friends, making more friends, and seeing our friends make more friends of their own!

Until then, may your prosperity be abundant!


Papa and the Traduceri Family
Owner - Tavernkeep - Forums Admin - Cat Herder

We have seen your invitation, and accept your summons. We cannot promise resolution. We have demands. We have doubts. We will compromise, but we will not condone those butcherous Bloodbringers' brutalities.

We will send members of our tribe to your gathering.

Until then.

[Image: accK119.png]
Shaper for 2018. Contact me via the Shaper email. Do not contact me via Facebook.
Odd comment about the state of our arms aside, we will be accepting your invitation to this gathering. Much like the Two Feathers, we have our own demands. And while peaceful resolution with an enemy that we have fought for generations seems like a fever dream at best, we will approach this with as little enmity as the Bloodbringers are capable of. That being said, we are Bloodbringers. Do not expect that we will talk purely with our mouths, we are orcs, and at some point you will have to negotiate with us on our level.

With Ire,
Dartul of Clan Bloodbringer
Will Apostolos shaper account

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