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How the Wench Stole Highwinter - Event Review

Highwinter was a great, light hearted and fun event. Our new team was excited and enthusiastic and did a lot of great work. Thank you to our new Shaper and Season NPC team! 

And without further ado...

What did you like, what needs improvement, and what were your most exciting stories / moments / interactions.
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-Highwinter Market, super fun doing nearly every single merchant's trial to get an item
-The presents, omg you guys are awesome!~ So many cute and interesting things, I got the wind-up Kobold <3
-Peoples highwinter themed costumes, nicely done everyone =3
-Winter Wendigo!! holy shit that freaked me out when he came out, thankfully it was "Spellstrike Paralyze" -gets gift- "Spellstrike Dispel Magic"
-Getting the wishes to Father Nicoli* Happy to see the wishes getting delivered
-Chugsey* and the shitty bandits
-The Ogre with the bag of gifts <3


-Not really a con, I understand getting things out and going takes time. Just felt that time between things was stretching that 'too long' area. Probably just me wanting to see all the great things you guys had planned =P

10/10 would love to Highwinter again <3
I missed the beginning and end of things for Reasons so was never quite sure what was happening.
I really appreciated Mialha's set up in the warm cabin!
All the NPCs I interacted with were great! It is a shame we didn't have a few more. Next time I think I will NPC instead. I think Zia needs a break anyway ;p
The stuff I engaged with was also fun - I missed a lot though, but mostly that was on me.
I met a lot of new people, at least IC. Town looks so different now @_@
A friendly human woman with dark hair pinned in place with an antler fork.

ooc: Heather Hatch 
one of my favourite events this season.

Loved: pretty much everything! highlights coming soon.

2018 HYPE!!!
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Jennifer Wood
pros: *agruwing with Nar over him not being Nar
*getting told about the shit that happand in town
*Maximus and Blank fixing the Windigo
*Creeping people out who came down to my henge
*warm cabin

cons: *I brought up my cons in person
((Dark Elf, OOG Jeffrey Barth)))
This was by far my favourite Highwinter and probably one of my top day events in general. The NPCs were fun to talk to and it struck that nice balance between ridiculous pun event and actual plot.

The Pros/Highlights:
• I liked the Highwinter Market, I only did two of the challenges for it but I finally got to use some the dubious information I've gathered over the past year and a half.
• Yelling at Will A's NPC for littering, trying to pick up the ornaments he had left, dying. This is shaping up to be a yearly tradition.
• Aiden and Marigold! Every time I wandered off I'd come back to find them trying to figure out if I was dead.
• Bearsel. "Look, it's a friendly dancing Highwinter bear!" Followed by Maximus solemnly saying he would try to find me a hat to dance in.
• Izazel's pinecone crown has cemented my position as the Pinecone Queen. Next I must challenge the Squirrel King for his throne.
• Step Mother and Danpire. "Gaze attack dominate: don't marry me." "Yeah ok." Poor Rain/Snow was so heartbroken for 10 whole minutes.

The Cons:
• More of a suggestion, maybe try to get the fire pit going next year? The warming cabin was great but it got very crowded very fast and it was hard to see what was happening while inside.
• Final mod/fight with Chugsy/whatever that was ended very quickly. I was waiting for a friend for like 2 minutes and by the time we walked over it was done and Aminata was back. Not that big of a deal all things considered.
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Nelinha: Some asshole Ice Elf. Has a bright red hooded scarf and a black winged brooch.

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Happy High Winter everyone!

- I’m a little biased… but Leon and his mischief… it seems like every event he’s present, some kind of mob forms. Glad I could be a part of it this time.
- Demi, you are as cute as a button and I love hearing you banter with Leon. You are the best.
- Trying to sneak pinecones into everything!
- Ursel wearing the pinecone crown <3
- The marketplace mod was a lot of fun! Rio was spectacular – thank you for accepting my fauncone, you made my day!
- Mari’s heated cabin was really wonderful! Offering snacks and warm beverages kept a lot of people happy and healthy, so thank you Mari!
- Following Blank to track down Chugsy – loved the misdirection a couple of times, and the walking really warmed up my arthritic bones.
- Thought it was cool to have that first Chugsy mod in a space we don’t often use – finding innovative places keeps things less predictable and mixes up mechanics.
- Loved seeing so many new faces! And familiar ones too!
- And, of course, a final shout-out to the NPCs and shapers who survived alongside us through the cold!

- Not enough combat (I honestly thought I’d never say this because I love RP but…). There was a lot of downtime this event, and yes, it is High Winter, but it was also snowing and cold. The best way to combat the cold? Combat. Keep people moving. Two cute snowbolds came out, and the first thing I wanted to do was kill them. Not because I hate snowbolds, but because they were the only things around to kill (besides the mod monsters). When the cats came out everyone butchered them too. So, yeah, more combat creatures would’ve been good.
- The heating cabin was such a success that there were points it became too crowded to move or leave...
- The first Chugsy mod. The space we went to first, with the map, (although it was innovative) was inaccessible for a town mod, which it ended up being. The passage to enter was narrow, and the pines too thick to push through in the cold. Maybe I need to be more assertive and push my way through to the front, but I didn’t see a single NPC, except for one crawling through the underbrush, Out of Game.
- The final Chugsy mod. Maybe it was because I got distracted by Lady Aminata and Nikoli, but I guess I missed the final fight. I didn’t get to see or hear Chugsy the entire event. I still don’t really know what happened, because game ended extremely abruptly. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for the earlier end-time, because holy High Winter it was cold, but a clearer conclusion would’ve wrapped things up more indefinitely. And, I feel like Chugsy deserved a monologue. Like a five-minute long monologue. But maybe that’s just me.
This event was a mixed bag for me. I love High Winter events, they have always been my favorite because of the fun and silliness of them.

I'll start with the cons. There was only one really and that was that I found this event to be slow and boring. I fully account this to lack of NPCs and hope that it is not a show of things to come this year.

With that, Pros! I loved the storyline, even if my new character had no idea what was going on. Not a good impression for the town LOL.

WOLVEN PACK ASSEMBLE! The last half a year has been a panic of getting all of this together and finally revealing the (First half) of the Wolven Pack was a blast. The look on PCs faces when all of a sudden not one, not two, but FOUR Wolven are walking around together. The look on Aminata's face "What are all these Wolven doing here?" was perfect. This year is going to be great guys!

The magic! Everyone complains that not enough magic items are given out, and all of a sudden there was an over abundance but it was perfect. Magic items that expire after a day are great and made me laugh. "OMG A magic item! What the hell? Have to use it today I guess." Also, the "Duel activated" magic items was a nice touch if not for being so poorly written.

Jannika's Box of Stuff was a blast. I was a little weary of playing the game since as a new character I had no items except what I needed, but playing and winning a Life Berry was a shock. I heard that there were a few others that won magic items from the box as well.

All in all this event was cool (Ha, cool....) but not my favorite of the season.
Epic NPC Man!! -guitar riff-
- all the alchemy balls and touching them to people
- getting dominated by Danpire
"Are you rich?"
"Do you own land?"
"Um, do pocket dimensions count?"
"You're a good runner-up, come along!"
- getting dumped, I'm not good enough ;-;
- shenanigans

- seemed a bit slow

Ultimate Con Ever:
- didn't marry Danpire, 0/10 heartbroken forever, will become a Banshee
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Name: Yoshi Yohida
-Finally meeting the Jarl and interacting with my fellow kinsmen!
-Meeting Erik's new Einher PC and hearing his backstory and dueling with him.
-Making one of my best trades ever for some potions.
-Going to Highwinter market and telling one of my old childhood stories (which I shall have to adapt to fit the setting haha), and fighting a pirate for silver swords.
-Watching all the veterans flip their shit that Chugsy (spelling?) was alive, at which point they began auctioning body part off to each other XD

-Having Maximus and Blank work to help deal with my brothers curse, thanks to both of you of all the help!

-I lost all my money getting scammed Sad (oh well stuff happens lol)
-As everyone has said before, game felt a little slow due to the weather and new team. Would have loved to have some more combat but it is understandable why such things didn't happen. Either way, thank you to the new team for making this game as fun as it was.

8.5/10- Would get scammed by bandits again
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