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All Hallows Pumpkin Carving Contest!
Contest Time!

We want you, the player base, to carve for us your best pumpkin! The best pumpkin carver will receive a once-ever Contingency Life spell on their spirit which will automatically cast a "Life" spell on your spirit just before you reach the end of your 5 minute death count. This effect will last for 5 days (or the Halloween event). It cannot be lost or stolen. Perfect for Halloween!

Here are some simple rules:

1) All pumpkins must be carved into something period. Nothing modern or present day (eg: no death star).
2) The more Underworld, the better.
3) It must be able to hold a candle or LED light - please avoid using flame inside
4) Larger is better

After judging, all the pumpkins submitted will be distributed around town to add to the spooky Halloween atmosphere.

How to enter:

Bring your carved pumpkin  on the way to town center. We'll judge them Friday night and then mark the winning pumpkin with a glowstick and some tape. If you see that you've won, you can collect your prize from NPC camp at any time after that.

Good luck!
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