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New player, from Jericho! With questions
Hello Ralinwood friends, I'm a relatively new player in Jericho (two games in) and I am considering traveling to other guilds on occasion (and you'rs is the next closest). I have some questions about the logistics of it all though.

1. How do I get my character to appear for the logistics team? Does it cost anything to transfer a character?

2. How's the parking situation?

3. If I prelog and pay for the event, but am suddenly unable to attend, would I still receive the blanket I would have recieved if I had? (Assuming I'd get a blanket for attending even a 'foreign' event)

4. I'm pretty sure this is a no, but just to double check, can a visitor use his production skills in a different guild house?
Hello! I play a Jericho PC and attend Ralinwood events as him.

1) You don't "transfer" - transferring is different. It means you take your Jericho PC from their data base and put him/her/them in Ralinwood's data base. To PLAY in Ralinwood, you do not need to transfer. You are considering a visiting PC. They have a travelers form that travelers such as you and myself fill out, they post it in their invite - if you can't find it when the event invite goes out just ask on their FB page or forum post. Before we would have to email their prelog.

2) There is a small gravel and grass parking lot, much closer to site than Jericho's. When that is full people are allowed to park along the road I believe.

3) Yes. Try to email them before hand to be polite. You get a blanket for every event you pay for (or two if it's a double blanket event like All Hallows)

4) You are correct, the answer is no.
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Welcome to ralinwood!
1. Email logistics at I believe there is also a visitor fourm you can fill out, I would check the community, announcments and rules pages.
2. Parking is normally not an issue, theres a small area for cars at the entrance to site.
3. Not sure since it's not the home guild.
4. Production and tradesman skills can't be used when traveling as far as I'm aware.
Hope this helps.
Thanks guys, you've been quite helpful. I hope to see you all eventually, look for the Einher with the large green kilt and floppy hat.
Sode note on Hannicks post...Parking along the road is not an option, has been stated in before game meetings twice now. If the parking lot is magically filled then there is a secondary lot behind the house near the storage shed. This is only to be used if the main lot is full. Parking along the road is a safety hazard.
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