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A New Challenger Approaching!
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Hello all! I am gearing up and getting ready to join Ralinwood during the 2018 season - And just have a few questions regarding mechanics, costs, and NPCing!

IC-Mechanic Questions

Recover (Healing Sphere, Level 1)
This spell can only be cast on a wounded target that is at less than 2 Body. Doing so will raise their Body points to 2. This does not function on those in their Death Counts or on Undead. 

-Can this be used to pull someone out of there Bleed count? I was a little confused about this one! (Considering it only mentions that it does not function on those in their death counts)


When taking damage, does addition damage beyond 0 get applied (Sending you to bleed instantly); or do you need to get hit while dropped to 0 to go into bleed.

-New Player has 2 HP Remaining, and no active protection or counters ready
-Scary Zombie swings and connects their strike, calling "4 Body!"

-Which of the following would the "NP" be dropped to?
(1) 0 HP, Ko'd
(2) -1 HP (Bleed count)
(3) -2 HP (Requires 2 points of healing to become stable)

OOC Questions!

-If you choose to NPC for an entire event, do you still pay the normal fees?
-I understand you may only apply 2 blankets of EXP to a character per event, are you able to store more?
-How many Blankets of EXP do you obtain for attending the full event?

Thanks for taking the time to help me out! 
Apologise in advance about some grammatical errors, unable to edit the post as my account has not been approved as of yet!
I'm not a marshal but I'll try to answer these as best I can.

1. Yes. Recover works on people in their 1 minute bleed count and immediately returns them to 2 Body so they can run/fight/use skills. This is important because most other forms of healing (such as cure wounds and alchemy potions) will only tantalize (i.e. bring someone up to 0 Body) someone in their bleed count but will not heal them beyond that.

2. Additional damage from a single swing will drop you below 0. To use your example, if your at 2 body and get hit for 4 the swing will knock you unconscious and put you into your bleed count. However...

3. The damage will not drop you to -2 body, only -1. When you are at -1 you are effectively bleeding out, and any additional damage doesn't effect you.
There are types of damage or abilities that once taken ignore the bleed count of someone and will put them into their 5 minute death count, such as elemental damage, decapitates, etc. You can also walk up to a bleeding target and initiate a 5 count "killing blow" (10 seconds without a weapon) to put them straight into their death count if you are uninterrupted.

4. No. NPCing for a full event relieves you of the game fee, and you get 35 frags per blanket you would have normally earned as a PC. I believe you may also pay the fee if you wish and get the blanket added on top of the frags.

5. Yes. You can store as many blankets as you want. You can go for months and just store blankets up for later.

6. Each event gives you one blanket to apply later. Certain events such as long weekends in Jericho, Warcry, and all hallows(?) will give you double the blankets i.e. 2.
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Awesome, thank you very much for the information.

To expand.

New Player is at -1 and Healer places a Cure Wounds on the New player.
Which is the player at?
0 HP
4 Hp
0, as far as i know
IG: A tall slender Einher sporting the the blue and green colors of clan Galloglach, with the Tiwaz rune painted over his right eye. 

OOG: Rowan Carnahan-Koberinski

Any healing received (with a couple of exceptions) will put a person in their bleed count to 1 Body. Even Cure Mortal Wounds.
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As an aside, its generally advised you take a couple games to get familiar with basic rules and your character's skills before NPCing.
If you want to NPC a full season I suggest playing a full season first.
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