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Lore primer?
Hey all.

So, I've been about long enough to have a decent grip on lore, but I've noticed that it's all FOIG - not a small amount, but even basic things, like how Ralinwood is an island. The information is really dispersed, and the wiki is still incomplete. Would any of the vet players or shapers or etc be able to throw together a new player lore primer, maybe? Not a ton of information, but basic things like gods, churches, the Blood Red Rose, Duvanian law, the Citadel, etc. Maybe even subdivide things - elves might know lots about Thalan lore and soforth, but others may not. It wouldn't be an easy task, but I don't know enough to confidently throw it together, and as it stands there's little in the way of obvious lore.
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Jericho used to do little race lore packages that was just a page or two with some basic facts but they are long since out of date. I can see about making a Ralinwood specific guide of basic info that new people might know and then race specific stuff hopefully the Wiki will be able to help with. Good suggestion.
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