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Medical Hold Chit System
One of the (very few) ways you may be OOG while game is running is while being on a medical hold.

We understand that sometimes people need to go on medical holds from game. We have medical marshals to keep you safe, to keep others safe, and to keep others who want to stay IG, safely IG. If you're feeling unwell or overwhelmed (this includes if you are having a mental health issue), you can ask for a medical marshal to medical you out, and they'll give you a medical chit so everyone knows you can be OOG while you recover. 


If you must go Out Of Game for medical reasons, you must get a piece of paper from a Medical Marshal that in effect gives you "permission" to be OOG for the duration of your medical hold. This is your OOG medical hold chit. You cannot be OOG without a medical marshal’s written note on you. If you cannot show the medical hold chit when asked by a Shaper / NPC / marshal, you are not considered OOG.

You may go OOG for the purpose of finding a medical marshal for yourself. If you cannot go yourself, you may send ONE person OOG to find a medical marshal for you.

You can take your medical hold in your tent, in or at your car, or in the medical cabin. You are also allowed to leave site - but let NPC Camp know if you're leaving site while on a medical hold, and check in when you come back. 

You cannot take your medical hold in an In Game space. Please be considerate of others while on your medical hold.

Once you are finished your break, you can ask to be taken out of the medical hold. In order to be taken out of the medical hold, you find a Medical Marshal and they'll clear you to go back into game. 

This system also applies to sleeping Out Of Game. We recognize that some people have to sleep OOG out of necessity).

In order to sleep OOG, you must have the 'medical hold chit' as well as indicate that your tent / cabin / etc are OOG while you sleep. They are only OOG for as long as you are asleep. Only a medical marshal in NPC Camp can give you your "sleep OOG" chit. There are special rules for sleeping OOG - if you haven't already been given the rules, you can email or come see NPC camp before game to make sure you know the rules.

If you do not have the required visible indicators that you are sleeping OOG, your tent / cabin / pavilion / hobbit hole / den / lair / hidey-hole / cavern / hole in the ground / coffin / tomb / what-have-you is not OOG.

Please direct questions / comments / concerns / complaints to

Otherwise -  happy dying!

*As always - if I have made a typo, please tell me and I will correct it. It is apparent that I am not the best editor and I accept this reality, and gratefully accept improvements.*
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