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Lights in the Hollow: Prelog is Open!
Prelog is OPEN for the May 19th-21st  Weekend
Lights in the Hollow
New Player?
If this is your first event, have some questions about the game or would like some ideas for builds and what not, please e-mail our excellent New Player Liasons at See our website at
Also, check out the details of our New Player Packages and see if you'd like to start the game with a little more loot and a little less worry! )
Cost: $40 with prelog, $45 without.
NPC Shifts are Mandatory (unless you haven't played 3 games yet) and reward 5 frags. $10 Opt-Out.
Blankets: 1
Frags for NPCing: 35

Whenever you arrive, log in first at the event, THEN go put on your makeup, socialize and do other things. Really. I try to have it so you can come in and be done pretty quick. This helps game start on time. Sometimes (read: everytime) I can literally start picking out people who haven’t come log yet. You don’t want to be that person, do you? No, you don’t. >:[

(More details in further posts below - Our forums have decided the post is too long for it at the moment. )

If you are crafting something not in the database, contact us before game at ! This can be anything from silver arrows, to chemistries, to blueprints, or all other kinds of fanciful things. We'll remind you about the requirements if there are any and have it set up for you.


If you've got questions about the interface, send us an email and we'll make sure you're making what you think you're making. We encourage you to be creative with your items!
New Character Stuff
If you are entering a new character please email with the subject "New Character" and with the following information:

- Your Full Real Name
- Characters Name and Character’s True Name
- Race
- Class

We will add the new character, but you must still prelog yourself after we confirm it has been added.
Special Items / Templates Obtained While Traveling

If you’ve gotten an item that is magical, a ritual put on you, brought back a ritual scroll, an artifice blueprint or a chemistry blueprint, or the product of any legendary crafting, you need to get it approved by Ralinwood’s plot before it can function in Ralinwood. Email us and we’ll get plot to okay it.
Visting Players!

Fill out
You can prelog your NPC shift on the database! Switch the Guildhouse to Ralinwood (top right) and then navigate to the NPC shifts like you do at your home guild!
Email the logistics team @ . We need your character name, any templates they have, any alchemy that isn’t self-discoverable (ie puppet), any ritual effects on spirit and any magic items you’re bringing with you. If you can think of any exceptions that strike you as odd (like a Pax device), email about that too. A good guiding rule of thumb is that if it’s not in the core book, it needs to be approved. This needs to be done every event.

If you do not prelog, any magic items, legendary crafting effects or chemistries, templates and ritual effects on your spirit will be completely disabled for the duration of your time in Ralinwood. This means before prelog is closed. Anything that is sent after will not be accepted.

If you are a Jericho player who is coming to Ralinwood for the first time, make sure to check in with our New Player Liaison before you enter game! We won't make you go through all the new player stuff, but we'll make sure you know important things like site boundaries.
NPC Shifts!

NPC Shifts are Mandatory for all players that have attended more then 3 games in any combination of guilds.
This includes travelers!
They can be opted out of by paying $10.

NPC Shifts are what allow your plot team to provide the best experience. If you're able to, please shift. They have need of all kinds of players, not just things to go out on combat roles. But they also need a lot of those. Basically, they need as much help as they can get!
It is still $10. That was a typo and has been edited now.

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