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Duties and Responsibilities
To enforce the laws of Duvain. To hold or detain criminals and present them for judgement. To visit punishments on criminals. To safeguard the members of time in town of crisis. To serve the people of Ralinwood and safeguard the peace.

Edwardo Swiggins

Sven   Zaydesh

If anyone would seek to be a Warden of Ralinwood, they may petition Aminiata directly. Selection of additional Wardens will be decided jointly between Aminata and the Captain. Wardens may refuse appointments, but must carry out tasks and duties assigned to them by Aminata or the Captain.

Please note: Members of the Wardens may not be Bounty Hunters. The Bounty Hunters will continue to operate under the lawful authority and with the protections of the Bounty Hunter's Guild.
Governor Miss Aminata Gomorrah, Daughter of House Gomorrah of the Council of Twelve, Governor of Ralinwood.
High elf female, blonde hair, blue or brown shoulder bag, red and black scarf on her belt, typically in a long skirt.
((OOG: Ivanna, Coffee half French Vanilla))
Is this list of Wardens still accurate? Would it be possible for Zaydesh to provide a list of those who are currently Wardens, and list his second in command.
OOG: Agustin Brown-Arroyo
IG description: Male Ologot'Thalan, garbed in red and brown clothes underneath studded leather adorned with leaves.
There is a revised list on the notice board, but it is also slightly out of date. I've let the Captain know of your request. - Warden Juniper
A female high elf in blue attire with short blond hair. A robin pin on her shirt and a skull named Wade on her belt.

Warden of Ralinwood
Follower of Cassandra
Physician of the Mind
Barber and Healing Caster

OOG: Kaz Vi (he/his/him)

With the festivities of High Winter having waned, I'd like to finally post this updated list of active Wardens. Hopefully you find at least one of us that you are content with. I believe we have a sufficiently diverse list of hires. As always if you have any comments or complaints please direct them to me so I may address them.

Active Wardens:
Captain Riven Shadowlight
Lieutenant Sevatar Loken
Harutsuki Saica
Muninn McKracken
Dusara Mauka
A young human dressed in a tunic and pants. He wears black greaves and bracers and carries a sword that is just a bit too large for him. 

OOG: Robert DiBartolomeo
Active Wardens:
Captain Jacob Kraye

Aide de camp
Dr. Ori Moran

Muninn McKracken

Oliver Freki
Zuul The Ork
Kyrem Fidele
Good, Bad  either way im the guy with the Gasglobe. .

Wildelf (Baby) male, seen dressed in leathers and Green and black attire. Im fancier than you.
House of I



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