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How do i get tags for my Phys-rep'd equipment?
Heya, I've "just" finished my second event (was the east side mario pub night event) and I'm just trying to get things figured out for the next event where I'll actually need my gear set up (the Jan day event). I ended up with 2 tags at high winter that i believe will do for some of my gear via looting/highwinter present; a longsword and a pair of Yeti Fur Slippers (can't wait for boxing day sales to get some fur foot slippers for cheap). My costume (when i can buy the leather and craft everything (hoping to get it done for then, but may not due to time, money etc.)) will include some leather bracers, greaves and roman-esque battle skirt as well as a chain shirt and eventually a helm of metal. My weapons will be a medium sized sword, a shield and dagger (again hoping i can get all my materials acquired and built before game). So my armour, shield and dagger would be tagless.

I took blacksmithing when I pre-logged for the East Side Mario event, and from my reading i would need the RM for crafting things, but have none so far. Nor is the rulebook clear enough for me to understand how I'd craft the armour in game if need be.

Please help?

Edit: The items for my costume that i currently have finished and is game-ready is my chain shirt, and most of my shield (i need to refit it with some foam for the front as per Underworld rules)
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Hey, welcome again to the dark side! On your second event (meetup doesn't really count so Jan event) you will get some tags and coin for being a new player. You will get upto 30 points (I believe it's 30) of Armor for which you have reps for (no reps means no tags sadly) and 2 weapons tags (not sure if this includes your shield or if you get an additional tag for that as well). You'll also get 1.1g in coin.

*Edited to add

RM stands for Raw material, which is often found on things killed and looted in game. It can also be gained by taking a Craftsman skill. If you wish to make items from Blacksmithing you need = RM and PP to do so.
RM also works 1 RM = 1 Silver
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If you have shield proficiency, you start off with a wooden shield with a damage threshold of 10.
For blacksmithing, you make everything durring pre-log. When the January event opens on the production tab you can check the cost of each item (simple weapons are 4, exotic is 48, ect.) armour is valued at 1 PP per point of armour so a single location of leather would be 1 PP/1RM and plate would be 4PP/4RM. RM is found in-game through loot or craftsman but after you get 5 levels of blacksmithing you can reforge weapons and armour back into RM at 1/2 value (example: reforging a simple dagger would yeild 2RM). PP is added after each game and the amount varies depending on if its a day mod or full weekend event. If you want to make silver weapons multiply the RM by 4 (Silver dagger = 16RM/4PP) or for iron multiply the PP and RM by 1.5 (Iron dagger = 6RM/6PP). Value of items at full price are 1 silver per RM and 1 silver per PP but most smiths don't charge full price anyway. If you need any further help with blacksmithing info send me a PM!
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They've covered most of it.

For anyone new reading this - The 1.1 gold is given on the first game, not the second. There is one thing you can lose your first ever game Tongue

You can come in with up to 30 points of armor, or you can turn in your starting gold to get it up to 41. You also can come in with 2 weapon tags and 1 shield, if you have the proficiency for them.

If you have more questions feel free to send me PMs or a message on Facebook and I'll help get you sorted out!
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