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Devices and over-using them
Because nothing states this I'd like to ask. I have a device that gives me +2 strength, 1 meltdown per activation. If I activated the device 10 times rapidly, could I take all the meltdowns at once but still gain the benefit?
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The original write up for Gnomes which was adapted to the current rules included these rules for when you test for melt downs. The current rules in the frag book however do not reference this document.

Meltdown Timing:
A player must perform a meltdown test as soon as possible after using a device, and may when a device allows, perform the test while the device is in use. The effects of a meltdown will not trigger until after the use of the device is complete. A device may not be activated again until meltdown tests are complete.
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For reference, Gnomes are now in the Appendix, on pages 16-17, because they are currently not a purchasable frag race.

Mine says "cannot be stacked with other devices/uses" or words to that effect. Other than that, I can't comment because I'm not a shaper/marshal.
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"Each occurs one after the other, and must have Maintenance performed on them separately, if at all."

No, you can't use one Maintenance on a stack of Meltdowns. You must resolve each as they occur.
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