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Drug and Alcohol Use on site
Since Jericho's post reminded me that we should similarly send a reminder out (I have copied their announcement almost verbatim, since it applies in the same way at our game and sites, however there are some notable additions):

A reminder that we have a zero tolerance policy in regards to alcohol and illegal drug use on site during LARP events. Dan and I are more than sympathetic to people who may use certain herbs or other prescriptions to combat anxiety or other ailments but in order for you to be able to do this at event you must have a prescription from a doctor and it must be registered with our medical marshals. (And thank-you to all who have done this already.) 

This isn’t a personal decision. It's an insurance requirement, and we need to enforce this rule to keep our coverage. Further to this, there is a good likelihood that if the owners of Peacekeeper Park find out about this, we likely will not be welcomed back. Peacekeeper Park and Lake Whittaker are regularly and frequently used by other people, which includes scout groups, youth groups, military groups and families. People come through and use the site often enough while we are there, and the guards at Lake Whittaker do regular spot checks, so it is not unlikely that any use of alcohol or drugs will be noticed by others who will report this to the owners and likely the police. 

If you are caught under the influence, drinking or taking drugs, while at a Ralinwood event, you will be removed and/or  suspended/banned. For extreme cases the police could be notified, and we as a group could be banned from the site.

It's not worth it, don't do it.

Feel free to send questions and comments to if you have any.
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