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[split] Underworld Character Builder
Hello! I have taken up the task of updating the Underworld Character Builder. It is currently up to date and a link can be found below this message. It is currently up to date as of May 15th for Rule book edition 5.4.11.

I tested as thoroughly as I could but if you do find a bug, typo, problem, anything, please email me at with a detailed description of the issue and when I have time, I will update it again.

If any updates are made, I will keep a link in my signature on the Underworld Jericho and Ralinwood forums.

Change log
Corrected skill costs based on new changes.
Corrected Dwarf Spell Circle costs

Added 5 more levels to Mysticism
Added Vocations
Added all frag skills
Added Pax Modibish
Added Dark, Light and Draconic spheres

Removed paladin/dread knight spell circle restriction
Removed dodge Additional, and Slay Subsequent fields and put functionality into dodge and slay
Removed Apothecary

Corrected Vocation past level 3
Added Faceless and Faun
Added more Chosen Enemy for Wild Elf
Alphabetized frag races

Redo Save and Open functions to reflect the new changes.
Brandon Slaa.
Branslaa at
Unofficial Underworld Character Builder - Underworld Character Builder Download
Hey. I updated this a bit so it can save. It's probably buggy. If it is, just comment here and I'll possibly fix it.


If you're interested in working on it yourself and understand Git (I don't), here's the repo:
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