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Good sportsmanship and you.
So this is part rules question. Part gripe.

Ive heard several players. Mostly Jericho veterans mention this and it drives me nuts .
It's a spellcasters responsibility to properly incant their spells. Even a small miscant and you lose it. I am totally behind  this rule. Love it!

As an npc you have potentially hundreds of different  roles to play. Calling a miscant on an npc(Unless they totally flop and stutter) is just poor sportsmanship. 

It's like the people who pick up dog poop in the little bags then throw the bag on the ground; you're following the rules but you've missed the point.
Added point, remember you also cannot 'miscant' physical abilities either.

But I agree, be kind to your NPCs. Sometimes the NPC has never played that kind of character role or doesn't have the greatest memory!
Also spells are hard mmm kay?
Some scrub

OOG: Matthew Campbell
I have a gold fish memory myself-- so if you are new-- or even getting used to changes I am not going to be a dck about it. -- Hell if I know the spell I re-remind you of it. ((good luck of finding one I know.))
I disagree with this soo strongly. MOST monster like creatures don't use incants they say things like "Magic <effect>" When you are playing a role that actually uses the whole incant its really important not to make any mistakes in the incant. These incants are how magic works and as an npc who is there for entertainment and can just repop and try again if someone calls a miscant on you you should learn from it and try again on your next pop.

In fact I feel the exact opposite if a PC has a minor stutter I am way more likely to let it go than an npc because they don't get to just come back with a full pyramid and they are paying to have fun. Now I am not saying berate the npc for miscanting or treat them poorly but just call it and let them know what they did wrong and carry on.

Treating anyone poorly for any reason isn't good.
I'm with Nick 1000℅ on this. NPCs are usually asked before a mod "Who knows _____ sphere?" and are then sent out like that, if you claim to know a sphere and you miscant, the PCs have every right to call miscant just as an NPC has the right if a PC does the same. A simple "Miscant" and move on, NPCs get several pops and it's unfair to the PCs who might die in the same situation if NPCs can just say what they want and it works.

Again, be polite, don't be a douche about it. "Miscant" and move on.

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