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Master crafting material costs
Regarding master crafting weapons, armour and Shields. Does the x5 cost also apply to the raw materials or just the production points?
I've heard conflicting answers to this question so I thought I'd ask the powers that be.
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Not a marshal/shaper/whatever, and I know we've had this conversation, but rules as written just says "production points" and any RM costs would only come from the cumulative costs if the item was silvered.

10th Level Blacksmith – Master Crafting
By 10th Level the Blacksmith has become a master of their craft and a full professional by most standards. As
such they can, a great expense, focus all they have learned to produce a piece of master quality. Creating a Master
Crafted item will cost the Blacksmith 500% the normal cost (x5 total) in Production Points. Master Crafting a
piece of armour will make that piece immune to the effects of a Breach. In the case of a Breach, all non-Master
Crafted armour will Breach first. In essence, pieces of Master Crafted armour will never need to be repaired, only
refit. Master-Crafting a weapon allows the weapon to resist a total of three attempts to shatter or destroy it by any
means. Once these resists are used, the weapon is considered Normal. Iron and Silvered Weapons may be Master
Crafted but the additional costs still are cumulative. Shields which are master crafted have 3 resists vs. destroy /
shatter effects

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