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CLOSED - Re-Adding Races into the Frag Book
Oger and Avians
a 6' tall Orc, lots of bones around his person. wears patchwork leather robe with studded leather armor. Speaks in a Bahamian/Jamaican accent much like a Kraja. 

oog - Shane Miller
email -
Minotaur and Wolven
firbolg and nothing
Elderly Human man wearing a long grey coat over chainmaille.
Minotaur and Firbolg.. Firbolg really weren''t in the rule book for very long if I remember correctly and I think mechanically work well and fit the world pretty good if done right.. And Minotaur are just rad.. No other reason but that..
Medical Enthusiast, Comedian, Whore, Writer and Holy Man!

A poncy Wood Fae with light purple horns that have black cracks running through them. He wears a plate chest piece along with unusual clothing. At almost all times can be seen wearing an unsettling amount of make up and carrying a leather bag.
Stone Elf & Avian
Zaydesh Hakaar
Male Fire Elf. Dark clothing Black plate w/ leather mask. Red neck wrap. Bastard sword.
Erik Koudys
River RedClaw, mother of way to many.
often seen hiding behind the group.
OOG: Tara
Keep the votes coming! I will be closing this thread at 9pm tonight.
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Ogre and Firbolg get my vote

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