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Sling Rules
So, while looking in the rulebook, I've noticed that slings are mentioned, but never explained. 

Seeing as how using a sling as a delivery method in any way, shape, or form, is super dangerous, I was hoping this system would be acceptable for player creation.

A sling rep, made of hemp cord and leather, is tied to the player's wrist (as ancient slings were), and the player may throw grey, brown, or black packets with the hand to which the sling is tied. 

Damage is called normally, and the attack is still considered to be a boffer attack for all intents and purposes dispite the packet delivery method.

sling bullets cost the exact same as arrows or bolts.
Basically, just to be transparent, this is the character concept I am entertaining.
[Image: sling_18155_lg.gif]
Sling, sling shots, or anything that requires the use of a device to fling things is not allowed. They have never been allowed and will likely never be allowed.

Sorry. People ask this every year.
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Apologies, I never meant to imply that the device would be used to launch the sling bullets.
Instead, the sling would be tied to the wrist of the throwing hand, and the projectiles would be thrown, not launched.
The distinguishing features between this model, and stones, is that the sling bullet reps would have a cost,, and would be represented by tagged packets, not by foam blocks.
Yes, I am aware of what you meant. Unfortunately the answer remains the same. Slings, slingshots, trebuchets, catapults, etc, are not allowed, no matter the object being thrown.

That said, there are rare instances where shapers have made these weapons to be used for a limited amount of time and during a particular Mod.
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Then could this possibly be flagged for the next rulebook revision? As pg 62 of the Underworld Rule book v.5.4.9.  lists sling as a weapon covered by simple weapon proficiency, is this an error?
Please submit all rulebook suggestions to
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Will do.
wow he's totally right weird! that is a massive oversight!
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I've already spoken to Ed about it. As a bit of a side project I'm working on a prototype which will conform to UW's banding, play style, and safety policies.
If any weapon safty marshals want to discuss it, Ibwould be more than likely to have a chat, but this matter is resolved until further notice ;-)

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