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Taking a Knee
I noticed from watching the Orc War videos that got posted that there was a PC who, once hit, would take a knee and NPC's would then ignore them. I was just curious if taking a knee signifies IG that you're actually lying down unconscious? The PC continued to move while they were taking a knee but the NPC's still ignored them. I just want to clarify what we're seeing from an IG perspective when this occurs.
So that was me. I usually take a knee like that in big battles when I'm down or possuming because I don't like to get stepped on I'm a big dude and if I layed out well I get hurt. In the case of the video I was possuming and NPC's didn't notice me moving.
Okay just wanted to clarify, I don't want to handle it IG mistakenly.
During game you are welcome to ask people if they are downed, or simply kneeling. During big battles it can get messy with a bunch of bodies lying on the ground. We do want people to dramatically fall to ground when they have entered their bleed count or gone unconscious, but we understand that some situations may be too unsafe to do so.

Do this at your own discretion, but don't abuse it to deceive the NPCs or PCs.
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I personally fall to my knees- I may be small, but I am a tripping hazard.
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I only go down to my knees because my back won't allow it. If everyone's surrounding you calmly let them know OOG that they are getting too close to stepping on you. Other than that I keep my head down so that they know I'm down.
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i used to take a knee when i played quintus but that was because when i ragdolled my armour literally kept me sitting upright haha
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lmao I was an orc in the mod and when I went down, i either curled up in a ball and went closer to the tree's or if im out in the open, i move myself out to a more open area and flop
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Usually for me, when I'm in the open field or in smaller skirmishes I'll pratfall realistically, but in crowds, I do this too. I'm a skinny guy, and I wouldn't want someone larger in plate to step on me.
I just kinda fall where I stand and end up how I end up.. I did Football for a few years so I am used to getting stepped on by mistake.. And as someone who has fallen down in fights by tripping over a person,, as long as they are not hurt it makes the fight a lot more interesting!!
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