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NPCing: A How-To
Why should I NPC?
Good question! Well, the first thing that comes to mind is the Frags! When you give your time to help UW, we reward you with Frags that can be used to purchase unique skills and races. The second reason you should NPC is because it helps better the game. The more NPCs we have in camp, the more fun our players will have killing them. Some of the best stories often don't come from the players side, they come from the NPCs telling stories of scaring the pants of our players.

If you are unsure about NPCing, you aren't sure if you will like it or have any fun, I recommend trying it anyways. Most people are pleasantly surprised by how much fun they can have dying for a whole weekend. It also helps people learn more game machanics, and better appreciate the efforts that are put in behind the scenes.

But I Play a Make-Up Race! It Is So Much Effort!
Yes, we do understand this, which is why we recommend taking the very first shift of the weekend, or the very last shift. If you don't want to take either, we will do our best to give you masked roles (these roles are common, but we may not have a need for masked roles that weekend). You are welcome to take off, and reapply your make-up in NPC camp where there are tables and lights.

Whether your Shift NPCing or Event NPCing, you will need these things:
  • Black clothing. No logos, nothing infernal (modern).
  • A good pair of boots (I hope you already have these for PCing).
  • A white headband is essential.
  • Snacks. Something quick and easy.
  • Water. Please bring water.
  • You are welcome to bring any costuming you think might be helpful.
Arriving to NPC:
  1. Be on time. Please. If you are late, we will ask you to stay late so that you get your frags. 
  2. If you are a Shift NPC, please sign in. There is a sign in sheet on the large white board. If you do not sign in, we will not know to give you your hard earned Frags.
Getting Ready for Battle:
  1. Drink some water. You will be running around a lot and we do not want you to get dehydrated. 
  2. SUIT UP! A Shaper or the Monster Marshal will tell you what to wear (costume, mask, tabards) and pick a weapon (if needed). If you need make-up, sit down and ask one of the more experienced make-up artists to do you up.
  3. Once dressed you will get your stats and your loot. If you don't understand any of them, ask. They'll also fill you in on the general theme/idea of the mod - perhaps you're fairies in the Fae Realm or zombie goats following a farmer - and give you any special instructions on how to play it up.
  4. As a Shift NPC you will be reporting to a group leader. We call them Monster Handlers or Marshals. These people are either Shapers or more experienced NPCs. Please do as they say. 
  5. While walking to the Mod site make sure that your hand is on your head or your white headband is on.
  6. Also try to hide your masks as best you can until you reach the Mod site. We like the element of surprise.
During Battle:
  1. Your job, first and foremost, is to die. It is going to happen, A LOT.
  2. Your second job is to have fun!
  3. Please act like your role. You're an orc? Be dumb. You're a coyote? Be aggressive. You're a tentacle plant? Be squiggly. Roleplay it a little: it kills immersion when a stumbling zombie suddenly charges down the nearest player. If you don't know how RP your role. Ask.
  4. Don't hesitate to put your hand on your head and ask what something does. We all have brain farts.
  5. Don't argue. With anyone. If you encounter a problem where it's a matter of you said they said, just let it be, walk away, and tell a Shaper. 
  1. Get your loot ready. As soon as someone starts their loot count get your hand in your loot pocket - even if you don't have loot! Deception!
  2. PCs should tell you if they have any levels of looting. A standard loot count is 60 seconds, but for every level of Looting (frag skill), the count is reduced by 10 seconds, to a minimum of 10 seconds. So a character with 4 levels of looting would only be doing a 20-second count.
  3. The SECOND that their loot count is finished hand over the loot immediately, or give them an empty-handed high five!
  4. If nobody loots you after a reasonable amount of time (1 minute), put your hand on your head and report to your Monster Handler.
After the Battle:
  1. Put your costume, mask and weapons back where they belong! If you don't know where they go, just ask. 
  2. Give the Monster Marshal your loot back (if you have any left)
  3. Wipe off your make-up (if needed)
  5. If you encountered any problems with PCs, please, please let a Shaper know as soon as possible.

Thank you to Tienna of Underworld Jericho for helping with some of these lists
- The All Seeing Eye -
- Backstory Wizard -

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