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Midday at the Pavillions (Thursday, noon)
A little canopy has been set up in the open field by the pavilions. Under it are two chairs and a warm glowing brazier. Lady Urquart takes a seat.
*Ludwig approaches slowly, leaning on his staff. As he gets within 10 or so feet, he bows with his massive wizard hat leaning forward*

"Guten tag, Fräulein Urqvart. How is mein Fräulein finding zis day?"
*emerges from the woods and walks over to where Lady Urquart is*

"Hi Ludig, Hi Lady Urqus"
2015 Head Weapons and Armor Marshal
OOG - Shaman Clews -
*Shadolas exits the treeline and makes his way towards the canopy. He stops a little distance away and watches the growing crowd*
* Vali stays near the back of the group taking drinks from his flask every so often*

Died 11th of June 2257
 "I once heard Vali woke up in the night saying someone needed him and ran off into the night. Last night he heard that someone needed him and ran off to Valhalla." 

OOG name Patrick Davey 
*Roland emerges from the tree line and finds a place in the group. He looks around to see if he can see Luna*
A Golden Draconian clad in a brown jerkin and chainmaille.

OOG: Sean Gawthroupe
*Aminata, dressed in a finer green dress with gold sleeves, approaches Lady Urquart and curtsies, holding it until released.*

"My Lady."
Governor Miss Aminata Gomorrah, Daughter of House Gomorrah of the Council of Twelve, Governor of Ralinwood.
High elf female, blonde hair, blue or brown shoulder bag, red and black scarf on her belt, typically in a long skirt.
((OOG: Ivanna, Coffee half French Vanilla))
Lord Bantry steps out from behind the small canopy. He straightens his coat and takes a seat beside Lady Urqaurt.
A tall slender man wearing a red military coat. He often dons a scowl.
*Muninn walks by stopping at the amassing crowd.*
"This looks important.Greetings everyone"
*walks over to the crowd spotting
Roland she waves and walks over to his side.* "Hello."
River RedClaw, mother of way to many.
often seen hiding behind the group.
OOG: Tara

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