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Midday at the Pavillions (Thursday, noon)
*brennus catches up to aminata and bows as best as he's able to the nobles*
G'day mi'lord, m'lady.
Elderly Human man wearing a long grey coat over chainmaille.
*Turning and smiling as he sees Luna approach* "Hello. Glad you made it."
A Golden Draconian clad in a brown jerkin and chainmaille.

OOG: Sean Gawthroupe
*He hobbles over near Brennus*

"Good to see you, Brennus. How are ze old volf bones keeping?"
* Sevatar approaches near the gathering, before joining the growing crowd *
Piece of garbage fire looking Einher.
"Of course I would!" *smiles softly.* "I was over in the field feeding the song birds. "
River RedClaw, mother of way to many.
often seen hiding behind the group.
OOG: Tara
*looks over to ludwig*
not too badly now that the cold has relented some.
Elderly Human man wearing a long grey coat over chainmaille.
*Iris heads over to the gathering from Emerald Camp. She bows to both nobles before milling with the crowd and going to stand near Sevatar.*

"M'lord, M'lady. It's good to see that you're both in good health."
A young Wood Fae dressed in green and black. Head Physician of the Hospital.

OOG: Jess
*Shows up, finds something to lean up against of possible, and keeps an eye on all those around him*
Older looking male Dwarf

OOG Name - Brad Stevens
Lord Bantry simply nods at the citizens acknowledgements.
A tall slender man wearing a red military coat. He often dons a scowl.
*wanders over to the now growing assembly, bows before the nobles*
"M'lord, M'lady, a pleasure to see you again"
*after straightening from his bow, moves to stand near Iris and Sevatar*

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