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Preview of the 5.4.9 Rulebook Change Log
I want to keep you guys in the loop. I will post more updates as they come in, but here is what will be changing with the new rulebooks. It's mostly clarifications on already existing rules, as well as new races.

You guys are more than welcome to join the Jericho forums where rules discussions and regular updates occur. This is your game too, your opinion matters.

All the information here is subject to change. Please keep this in mind. When the new Rulebooks get released we will let you know.

Main book:
·         Changed Gargylen Healing Limitation to specify only body healing is prohibited, not disease curing, etc.
·         Being undead does not effect 1 hour death memory - only the 5 minute death count end
·         Totem form stats cannot be improved by skill purchase
·         Removed concept of Primary Casting Hand
·         Massive damage is normal damage for thresholding purposes
·         Iron skin threshold ignores damage for five and under, not under five
·         Magical shields must be larger than a buckler
·         Henges do not know whether their investees are alive or dead
·         Slow poison rounds body down, not up
·         Removed concept of destroying legendary items
·         Clarified that suspended individuals can be lifed without removing the suspension - they are not immune to magic
·         Clarified that you do get starting gold for subsequent character creations
·         Dodge and Parry do not work against Massive damage
·         Racial dodge does not work against a Surprise Attack, Power Word or Massive damage
·         Detect Magic now has a call and will not set off magical defenses
·         Added threshold chart
·         Added more information about and requirements for ritual circles
·         Added information about material components for rituals
·         Added ritual chaining
·         Added ritual duration
·         Added advanced ritual spheres
·         Updated catalyst description
·         Execute now ignores threshold number and is only impacted by threshold type/level
·         Minotaur's Fae Ward now lasts five days, not one
·         Minotaurs can now purchase a Strength Bonus up to four times instead of one
·         Ritual circles can now be used for identifying magic
·         Ritual/chemistry appendix now lives in the appendix book
·         Added description of Spirit Link
·         A character is considered to be in darkness (for the purposes of Dim, etc.) when words on a page cannot be read
·         Each liter of blood taken deals one body damage
·         Blood cannot be taken if you cannot beat a target's threshold or if they target is in their death count
·         Racial defenses can by bypassed if the individual with the defense wishes it
·         Detect Magic now also reveals whether the magic is part of a sphere which the user knows
·         Frag sphere scrolls may only be harvested if the Templar has purchased that sphere
·         Removed last reference to temporary tags for one's first game
·         Removed outdated reference to camp envelopes
·         Two-handed weapons cannot be used to block one-handed
·         Rigid PVC is now listed as the best core option
·         Latex weapon section now suggests consulting with local guilds for their rules on thrusting
·         Updated formatting on the Main book and Appendix book to match the Frag book
·         General typo fixing, etc., particularly in Necromancy
·         A white stripe is mandatory for any weapon which swings for magic damage
·         Weapon Black will cover a magical weapon’s glow (white stripe)
Frag book:
·         Ripostes can block missile damage, but the damage is not reflected back
·         Raise Lesser Ghoul now only lasts for 1 hour
·         Marks of the Firstborn and Blesses may now be ended by the wearer
·         A frag must be purchased for each character of that race - it is not 'unlocked'
·         Shield of Light can be used with natural weaponry like claws but does not grant the Shield skill required to use the shield in one hand
·         Removed Resist Element from Dragon's Regeneration - now others with the Mark of the Firstborn can also be healed using this spell
·         Dragon's Blood now lasts one hour
·         Dragon Knight no longer needs to stay in the Sanctum for it to be active
·         Mixologists' Potent Beverage now does 10 stamina
·         Drunken Master can now be activated by taking 40 stamina damage in under one minute
·         Removed Beautiful Minds frag skill
·         Risen can avoid daylight damage by being indoors
·         Ice elf racials have changed to pale skin, dark blue markings around the eyes and upper face and occasionally blue lips
·         Firbolg moved to Appendix
·         New Uncommon race added: Fauns
·         Ice elves moved to Soul Frag book
·         Wolven moved to Appendix
·         Vulcan Dwarves moved to the Appendix
·         New Obscure race added: Faceless
·         Gnome devices now Meltdown using Activation Risk, Escalation Risk and Passive Meltdown Rating
·         Removed list of races from the description of out of game frag skills
·         Moved Wytch back from the Appendix
·         Thresholds on the spirit now yield their damage type to a Head Butt, so they can beat thresholds; helmets still trump everything
·         Added dragon rogue
Appendix Book:
·           It takes 60 seconds to extract a point of blood, not 10
- The All Seeing Eye -
- Backstory Wizard -

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As I am now playing a Gnome, would it be ok if someone could explain the Activation Risk, Escalation Risk and Passive Meltdown Rating part of the Meltdown for Gnome Devices?
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They are currently going through their final edit but we will have them for you before your first event. We can probably get them to you before you prelog for your first event.

You are welcome to view the discussion we had on the Gnome mechanics. Know that the discussion is closed, and things written there are subject to change for their final version.
- The All Seeing Eye -
- Backstory Wizard -

Backstory Email:
Personal Email:
Thank you Sierra for the link ^^ I'll look it over =3
Wizwik Leonard Voltsmith, A 3' tall green haired gnome dressed like a tinker'er wearing a top hat, wielding a body spear, and lots of devices strapped to his body, with a small Ruby necklace with a 7 toothed gear carved into it.

OOG: Shane Miller

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Brennus that is awesome!
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